Fieldline Motorcycle Backpack

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**Item: **Fieldline Motorcycle Backpack
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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just think how much more money they could have sold these things for if they’d just slapped on a harley davidson label. the h/d sheeple would have loved it…

Or even better… if it was labeled Harley-Davidson Tactical Zombie hunter motorcycle backpack! They would sell billions! BILLIONS!!!

Wisconsin LOVES these!

. . . because Wisconsin loves motorcycles.

As far as cheap moto luggage goes, it’s hard to beat these. Of course, it only works for bikes with a sissy bar, but they’re good for that. They hold a ton of stuff - I can fit my camp chair, tent, sleeping bag, sundries, clothes for a couple days, and a couple other small items in one. When I go camping by myself, I can get everything I need in it. When SWMBO comes along, I start needing more storage.

It it as large or well thought out as something like a Kuryakyn Gran Tour bag? Definitely not. Is it a good piece of luggage? I think so, and at 1/7th the price of a Gran Tour bag.

Also, as far as I’m aware these are (were?) made exclusively for Walmart by Fieldline, they’ve never been available new anywhere else before this. I checked for a couple months before giving up and buying 1 at Wally World for about twice this price.

I got one of these at a walmart for $30, and it has been FAR more than worth it. I intentionally took it out in a torrential rain storm, and though it’s not completely waterproof, if I lined it with a trash bag, it was pretty darn close. Has an across the front buckle strap so you can carry it on your back without worries of it disappearing, and I’ve carried entire shopping purchases in it. one thing to keep in mind, it does have firm inserts to keep its shape, so you may not be able to easily fit it in a saddle bag, though I can just barely snug it into mine.
11/10 overall

Will this lay down flat and strap to the passenger seat of a 96 Honda CBR 600 F3?

There’s a picture of the back of it in the photo gallery. Looks like it will?

wasnt sure if the straps would extend long enough to go under the seat.

It doesn’t look like they will. You’d need to use a net or bungees or something to secure it I think.

12 months in Washington…

im giving it a shot at this price. I have a net on the back already

The way it attaches is with a sleeve that you can’t really see in the pictures. The sleeve partially unzips and there are additional straps behind it. Using just the front straps wouldn’t be very secure and I don’t think you could get the sleeve securely over a seat and still attach the seat back to the bike.

So it’s a backpack that hooks to a motorcycle, huh? Does it work on an actual human back, as well?

From the writeup: “You see, as an olde-timey salesman, I do not use many compound words such as motor cycle and back pack. And, (if any of frail constitution are present, pray cover your ears lest you are overcome with emotion), there’s not much more to this write-up than that.”

Love the use of compound words (salesman, overcome).

“Root” faking tax charges; tax rate is fake, shipping add additional tax.
quote from check out page
Subtotal (1) $14.99
Estimated Tax to be Collected* $1.65
Total $21.64
Root’s effective tax rate for Texan actually is 11%;
they use fake tax collection for their profit