Fife Redwood Valley Trio

Fife Redwood Valley Trio
$39.99+ $5 shipping

condition: Red

1 Fife 2001 Syrah Mendocino
1 Fife 2001 Petite Syrah Mendocino
1 Fife 2004 Rosé Mendocino

Hey, you know who would like these? That Peter guy that owned a winery and played with metal balls. Whatever happened to him?



Here is the Fife Web Site

rose’ is making a big time come back.

I’ve never had any of these but I’ve had a few bottles of another Fife wine, the Redhead Red. It’s an inexpensive blend with lots of flavor, lots of fruit, very drinkable for the price. My experience with that wine makes me interested in their others. Plus lately I’ve been getting into Syrahs and also Petite Syrahs. The rose, well, why not try something different once in a while!

Woooo hooo! What is this I just bought? :slight_smile: Thought I would try something new - Cheers Fellow Wooters!!!

and here I was thinking about going down to Sam’s to try a few Rose’s… but I wonder if these are any good like everyone else here.

now this looks interesting! imma read up on it. if i find anything interesting i shall pass it on =)

Don’t be a snob, there are a lot of really nice roses out there these days.

This is not your momma’s white zin.

The French and the Spanish have been producing crisp, dry roses for years that are nothing like the sweet boxed wines you might be thinking of. US wineries are doing a good job of overcoming the Pink stigma too.

I think SonomaBouliste was on crack.

Glad to see another PS on the offering.

In for one … I LUV RED! The labels are pretty, too! -------------- :o)

I am really into PS of late. I had a very nice 2000 Markham (?) accompanying a Porterhouse with my parents last night. Normally, I’m all about Cabernet Sauvignon, but the PS went better (probably because the Cobblestone CS was a little… weak, and surprisingly not tannic for a CS).

There are weeks that are a foregone conclusion that I’ll be buying and there are those where I’ll need to be convinced. This might be the latter. The savings aren’t much off of the prices they offer directly from the site (excluding the all mighty shipping charges of course). I’m interested in the PS but I’ll have to hear more about the rest. I look forward to the wine maker’s input.

Petite Syrah? This week’s topic: syrah vs. sirah. Discuss.

(I could google it, but I am lazy.)

Karen MacNeil, author of the extraordinary work, The Wine Bible, apparently liked Fife wine so much she married the vintner. Ok, maybe she saw more in him than his wines, but the fact that she did indeed marry the guy (after listing him as one of the best CA producers in several categories AND after very honorably disclosing her later alliance with him) says a lot about his passion and skill.

Despite the rose making it a counter-intuitive purchase for me, I’m in.

the redrose is 13$ on their website
petite syrah is 24$ on their website
and they dont have the 2001 syrah, but the 2002 from the old yakoyo is 24$ as well.

redhead rose from wine-zap is 12.59
petite is 20~
and the 2001 syrah from ol yakoyo is 20~ (one even showed 20$)

so from either one you get pretty good savings , at least 10-15$ not including shipping.
and its only 40$ what can go wrong?

in for one! WD! get this to me asap! i’m going on vacation on friday! =)

the people on winelibrary really liked the petite syrah, WE gave it a 92 in 2002 (not sure how much people care about WE).

While Syrah and Petite Sirah are both Rhone grapes, they are not related. French viticulturists who examined California’s Petite Sirah plantings in the 1970s told the growers that what they had was definitely not Syrah, but rather a grape called Durif (sometimes spelled “Duriff”), an unpopular variety grown in tiny quantities in the Midi of southeastern France and which was named after a Dr. Durif, who first propagated the grape around 1880 in the Rhone Valley.

um that was copy and pasted from google =)

Petite Syrah and Petite Sirah are made from the same type of grapes. See this article