Fine Linens 1000TC 4-Piece Sheet Set with Pleated Hem

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Fine Linens 1000TC 4-Piece Sheet Set with Pleated Hem
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You had me, you HAD me…until the dreaded cotton/poly blend. Damn you woot! DAMN YOU sheets of the gods my behind. cotton just give me cotton heavy sigh

Sneaky sales bull s#$t. Not cool

Got a set of these last time. Expecting super soft. Not… These are rough feeling. Disappointed. I think 100 TC is more like it

They might be 1000 TC even so. What most people don’t realize is that thread count doesn’t equate to quality or softness. You need to know the fiber length, what ply and how it was woven etc. Sack cloth COULD be 1000 TC too…and they’d both feel rough. (Worked in linen industry for years selling exceptionally soft sheets that were nowhere near 1000 TC…they were 300 and felt like silk.

Pretty sheets, but Cotton/poly? What’s next, the dreaded cheap microfiber? I’m disappointed in you, Woot.

if they are anything like the pillows that woot said were ‘exquisite’ and which were actually falling apart when i got them, then these sheets of the gods will be ill-fitting factory seconds that someone is desperately trying to unload. my anti-woot level is high after the crappy pillows and a urine soaked vacuum cleaner i got from these wonderfully deluded people.

Polyester? No thank you Woot!!

You are all being too harsh about polyester! Some of the best sheets you ever sleep on in Manhattan have at least 20% polyester and probably 40%. I’m not saying these are great sheets, but don’t discount them because of polyester.

Also, even the best sheets need several washings before they get soft. Wash a new set of sheets two or three times, each time with a cup of baking soda, and then you will get to a point where you can assess their softness.

PS I am amazed at all of you poly-scorners! Do you have a maid to iron your sheets? Because I don’t, and 100% cotton sheets will definitely need ironing.

Oh no, Cotton/Poly? I was adding the Kings to my cart. Glad I read the comments.

Are there ANY sheets out there anymore that are:
100% cotton ~and~
percale weave???

Check out these. Ordered a set last year. They are 300 TC and love them!

Vermont Country Store!! Tons of percale, all cotton sheets. Percale is the only weave I will buy. These sheets are tops.

Ironing?? Who has time to iron sheets?

All of my sheets are 100% cotton, and none of them have ever been ironed. You just have to fold them right out of the dryer while they’re still warm. Who cares if their sheets have some creases?

Polyester sheets don’t breathe and just feel gross.

[QUOTE=Invisigoth, post:15, topic:557081]
Check out these. Ordered a set last year. They are 300 TC and love them!

Many thanks…took your suggestion!

So how do we tell softness?

These are advertised as 100% cotton, 1000TC. No way!

They are extremely rough, and very irritating.

I’ll be throwing these away since there is a no return policy.