Fine Mesh Strainer

Fine Mesh Strainer

Anyone know what size these are?

Well, even the Amazon listing doesn’t say. Here’s guesses from the Q&A.


Not sure - I’m wondering how many you get. Picture shows 3 but description says 1.

Comments on Amazon say that you get one set of three. Heh.

You get 3.

I have a set of what looks like these. I like them so much I got another set. We use them from everything from straining/rinsing produce, dry rice, dry beans to rinsing/draining sprouts before they go back in the jar.

Those are some fine mesh strainers, if you know what I mean.

(If you do, could you explain it to me? Thanks.)

Maybe in a few years.

I got these last time.

The sizes are (outside diameter):

Ø 20 cm = 7.78"
Ø 14 cm = 5.5"
Ø 8 cm = 3.14"