Fishski Hatch Chile Grits, 12 Pack

Fishski Hatch Chile Grits, 12 Pack

The added ingredients may be great, but with an eight-minute cook time, these are quick grits, just one step above instant.

Their hatch Mac and Cheese is fantastic. I hope it goes on sale too also.

This sounds tasty, but almost all US corn is GMO. It is so frustrating that GMO even exists. ■■■■ Monsanto and Bayer. I don’t trust this product.

“No self-respecting Southerner uses instant grits. I take pride in my grits.” :grin:

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What is with you internet peoples and believing pseudo-science that there is some issue with GMO?


They want to believe.

I blame Watson and Crick, and that bastard Mendel.

You forgot Rosalind Franklin. But seriously I don’t think I want go back to really expensive food

Can you add the boiling water directly to the bag like camp food?