Fiskars Gardening Tools

Fiskars - great warranties, great support, great products

Can usually get this brand cheaper at BigLots.

I’ve had the Anvil and Pruner set for years, and they’re still working great. My only complaint is that the hole in the handle is too small to hang up on most hooks. Great quality.

My only problem with Fiskars is that ever since they moved their production to China, their tools just don’t last that long. I’ve had to start scouring the web to try and find NOS and good used Fiskars stuff as I wear things out…

But man, I do love my Made in USA and Finland tools :wink:

anybody have any experience with the edger cutting thru sod? have small repair job and am trying to avoid renting a sod cutter and am wondering if the edger would work.

I think it depends on how small. If it is maybe a few feet then yes. Anything larger, the sod cutter might be a back-saver. Since the sod cutter cuts a uniform width and the roots, it is easier to pull the grass up and replant.

I raised and leveled a 15’x15’ area for a swing set. I wish I rented a sod cutter.

Over the course of the past year I’ve used this edger to install 400 ft of edging around my yard. Most of that edging went along zoysia sod that’s been established for about a year. It’s PITA work regardless of the tools you have, but I can’t imagine having to do that job again without an edge cutting tool. It was well worth the $24 I paid for it at a home improvement big box store. Two points of advice: 1) Wear heavy-soled shoes so you can get more power while stomping down onto this thing; b) Once you penetrate this into the ground, wiggle it back and forth to push the earth on either side of it; IV) Don’t bother using this when your earth is bone-dry. Wait until after a rain and it will go into the ground much more easily.

Fiskars are great! Every product I have of theirs is very nice…cuts very well and fits well in my hand well.