Fiskars StaySharp Push Reel Lawn Mower

Hey look, lots of people talked about this in the Last Sale

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Great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Looks like we are getting closer to robotic lawn mowers!

This is the reel mower that I own/use. I’ve used several reel mowers over the years; in comparison, this one is better-made and sturdier, and the gear/cutting components seem to be made of thicker materials. In general, it’s easier to use than other reel mowers because the high quality of the construction means that your energy goes into mowing without any being lost to the frame rippling or the wheels getting stuck. The foam covering the handle ripped because the handle is slightly too tall for me and it’s not very adjustable (maybe not adjustable at all?). Anyway, it’s holding up well.

can’t figure out how else to contact you. just ordered one and just as I pressed the buy button I noticed that it would be paid with a dead credit card. I have changed it. The account ending in 1 is gone. the account ending in 8 is good. Is this order in?

btw, I ordered a fiskars from amazon after this sold out last time before I placed an order. quite a while unshipped. they canceled fast.

tell me I don’t have to hire the kid down the road before this gets here.

I bought the 200 dollar fiskar max at a local home depot, cut my grass once and I am hoping they will let me return it. I dont mind paying a restocking fee, the way it cut and felt was less than impressive, maybe im just used to big ole gas powered mowers, but i say pass on this unless you have a small yard, then it will work great.

You’ll probably need to reorder it using the good card number. You can contact for assistance.

my house is set on a 1 acre lot and i can’t imagine using this mower on it. My riding mower deck is 60 inches and it still takes an hour to cut. This mower would take all day I think. ugh

Would love a reel mower but afraid of how it will handle uneven ground. My yard is full of pits and mounds. Any comments?


Bought one a couple weeks ago, the last time it was on Woot, based on the good reviews and user comments. It both works well and incredibly poorly, if that makes sense.

If you have a weed-free lawn, this mower would probably be great for you. A couple areas of our yard were dug up (installing drainage pipes) and reseeded, so they’re mostly grass. The reel mower worked well there.

The rest of the yard isn’t quite as perfect. Lots of weeds, especially dandelions. I tried going over the same patch of ground five or six times, and the reel mower couldn’t cut down a single dandelion.


I bought one of these a few weeks ago at the last sale. I do have a small yard. I used to mow with an electric mower with a cord. This is easier because it does not have a cord. My yard is fairly uneven and it does not have a problem with that. Overall, I am very happy with it.

I had to laugh at the “costly annual blade sharpening” comment on the write-up. I have a Scott’s 20" reel mower. It costs about four bucks for a tube of valve lapping compound, and about thirty minutes to sharpen it. One standard tube of lapping compound will last a few years of sharpening, unless you fail to close it and let it dry out.

I bought the bigger model online and love it. Not a problem to push it around, easier to push than a gas mower… no cord like my electric. Do yourself a favor. Get one.

Though I also shave with a straight razor as well so maybe this is just me trying to go back in time.

Reel mowers are the hippy of Lawn mowers… they love dandelions. :wink:

I bought one the last time it was for sale on woot, and I am very happy with it. I have a pretty flat (and big) lawn, with some undulations and holes. Lots of dandelions. The Fiskars does a beautiful job of cutting the lawn. I had to use some weed & feed to kill the dandelions. The mower is really easy to assemble (took about five minutes - you do need a couple of socket wrenches), and feels light (easy to push) when mowing. It’s a pleasure to use. We’ll have to see how well it holds up over time and how it takes to sharpening. But for now, my lawn is looking great and I am very pleased with this purchase. The price today is less than I paid - it’s a great deal. Even if it only lasts a couple of seasons, I am glad I bought this. If you are someone who will actually use this - meaning, someone who already uses a reel mower (I have been using one for a few years), I very much recommend this!

Does that really say it’s for mowing up to 1 acre? You’ve got to be joking. If we’re just gonna make stuff up let’s just say it’s for mowing the whole neighborhood. It’ll be like painting the Golden-Gate bridge; by the time you’re done, it’s time to start all over again.

And sorry - there’s no way anyone is gonna get me to believe this plastic thing is “reliable” or “sturdy.” Apparently no one has used a pair of Fiskars scissors in the past 20 years. It amazes me they’re still in business.