Fold. Spindle. Mutilate.

Fold. Spindle. Mutilate.

Fold. Spindle. Mutilate.


Oh my gosh. How is this off topic?

In the old days–the punch card days–there were rigorous restrictions on what you could or couldn’t do with punch cards. If you rendered your punch cards unreadable, you were screwed.

The physical definition of APATHY was someone who did not heed those words: DO NOT FOLD, SPINDLE, OR MUTILATE.

Someone who just didn’t care would, therefore, fold their punch card into a paper airplane and spindle it, thus mutilating it. Fold. Spindle. Mutilate.

How is this off topic? This shirt is promoting apathy. That is certainly on topic, isn’t it?

My mistake, but apparently a deep cut…I received many tattles! Feel free to resubmit to this derby.

Will do.

It wasn’t exactly burning up the derby by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ll still resubmit.