Folgers Coffee Classic Roast .9 oz, 42ct

Folgers Coffee Classic Roast .9 oz, 42ct

I don’t know what a Vacket is, but these are $14.05 on AMZN all day long.



(I still don’t know what a Vacket is)

After checking out about 30 websites, it appears that each 0.9 ounce “vacket” pack yields anywhere from 4 to 10 cups of coffee (depending on how strong the brew and what you consider a “cup”).

Update: The more I look around the more it seems that some sites over-estimate how much brewed coffee an ounce of grounds makes. So, it looks like one of these 0.9oz Vackets can make approximately 45 ounces of brewed coffee.

Personal preference - I use 2 filters when drip brewing coffee. I find that it slows down the drip somewhat and adds a little extra to the flavor :wink: One thing worth noting, if you are brewing a whole pot, you might want to keep an eye on it so that the basket doesn’t slow down too much and overflow…

I too, poked around looking at these. It’s tempting because 35¢ a pot for coffee sounds nice. I’ve been using my K-cup machine and some of those pods get pricey. But how much is a can of coffee? Does Folgers coffee cost $6.34 a pound like these do? Not really huh. But these are convenient if they work like they say they do.

I’ll probably just keep on using my K-cups and my pour-over machine for when I want a pot.

WWJVD? (What would Juan Valdez do?}