Framed Sci-Fi Movie Posters

Seriously? In college I went on ebay and bought A Clockwork Orange poster for $8.00 then I went to my local Hobby Lobby who framed it for $25… I also had the option to buy a poster frame (thinner) that was on sale for $10. This is ridiculously overpriced for a “bargain online store.”

The price does seem a little high…

…so let’s talk about the movies instead. I’d hang all of these on my wall except for
]I Am Legend

All the rest are truly classic sci-fi (as much as I LOVED Firefly, Serenity has a hard time standing on its own).
So glad that they did the 1982 John Carpenter version of “The Thing” instead of the remake/prequel from 2011.

The Metropolis one and Blade Runner looks pretty awesome…except you guys are right $69 does seem like a chunk of change…maybe to cover shipping the akward size?

Honestly, it’s so hard to find a good, quality JC The Thing framed poster around that I got one. One of my favorite films.

I’d be ALL OVER a Wrath of Khan poster. ALL OVER IT.

You mean this one? I used to display this one in my office, but everyone kept asking why Khan had such butch-looking makeup.

yes come on you guys are woot! bring the price down. 1st tron was great 2nd tron still good enjoyed them both! and the special effects in logans run well as far as the computer stuff went are still good i’d love to have those props in my home!

I agree with Oblivion and I Am Legend… but man. You’re hurting a lot of feels putting Serenity in that list.

Logan’s Run is an awesome movie despite the lousy effects.

I’m with you on Oblivion and I Am Legend, and can see your point re: Serenity (this does nothing to damper my love of that show/movie, of course).

However, Independence Day should be leading that list. That movie is laughably yet terribly awful. MST3K awful. To list the flaws would be a complete threadjack, so two words should suffice: Cousin Eddie.

Sweet Serendipity… in for, oh damnit. nevermind.

It really depends how good the frames are on these. Ive spent $300 no problem framing art/posters. Wood frames usually arent cheap. But without knowing the quality its tough to know whether this is a good deal

Feh. Serenity’s poster really isn’t that good. Doesn’t scream iconic Sci Fi to me, regardless how good Summer Glau looks.

is this 27x40 with frame included?

I’m with ashli143 on this one. $10 poster in a $15 frame. Even with additional markups the fact that these are over $45 is a COMPLETE insult. If even one person ever bought one of these framed posters at their “original” price, you can safely call them “the 1%.”

If these are anywhere close to the Star Wars posters that they sold a bit ago, then it is worth it. This is not a cheap poster and a crappy frame from a discount store.

“Crappy special effects”???!!??
I’ll have you know that Logan’s Run won a Special Achievement Oscar for its visual effects.

Well isn’t that special!

so we have framed movie posters and it has cost over $100 to do so. My question is the quality or the type of frame and glass that is used. The price is really good if it is a decent quality frame. Does anyone know where I could do additional research on this?