FREE Voice, Text, & Data by FreedomPop

Hi Wooters! Following last week’s deal on Electronics, we are lucky enough to back again to offer another round of deals for our Free Phone Service from our LTE Phones. Feel free to ask us any questions about FreedomPop within this thread or through PM. Cheers to a good week!

Here are some FAQs about the deal:

1. What’s the coverage or network do these phones work on?
All of these phones connect to Sprint’s 4G LTE and 3G networks. You can check out coverage by going to Be sure to only select the 4G LTE and 3G boxes. The phones also connect to any local WiFi network!

2. What’s FREE?
You purchase the phone, and then you can take advantage of Free Phone service. Our Free plan consists of 200 Minutes, 500 Texts, and 500MB of 4G LTE/3G data every month. There is no cost for 3G access.

3. I just got my phone from Woot. Now what?
Go to in order to activate your phone! Here you will set up your FreedomPop account and choose your phone number!

4. Can I port my existing number over to FreedomPop?
Yes, you can port your number over to your FreedomPop phone after it’s fully activated. Alternatively, you can keep your newly chosen FreedomPop phone number for the whole time. It’s entirely call!

5. Do you still an $0.99 inactivity fee?
Nope, it’s a thing of the past. We stopped it last year.

6. How is call quality when compared to a normal phone?
Our phones use VoIP, but we make every effort to make sure that you can’t even notice. Our Development Team is constantly working to make improvements to the service in order to make call quality better and better. You will be asked to update the Messaging App (in the Google Play store) from time-to-time, but this is done only to improve your overall phone experience!

7. Is Data deducted from my monthly allotment when I’m connected via WiFi? How about Calls & Texts?
Any data that is used while you’re connected via WiFi is not deducted from your Free 500MB allotment. However, calls & texts that are used while on WiFi will be deducted from your monthly allotment, since they are still going through our Messaging App.

8. How do I get extra Voice Minutes and Texts beyond my free allotment? How about data?
Once you reach your 200 Voice Minutes and 500 Text Message limit, you would need to upgrade to a higher plan if you wish to have continued usage for the remainder of the month. Our Unlimited Talk & Text plan is $10.99/month, while the Unlimited Everything plan (unlimited talk, text, & data) is $19.99/month.

9. Can I enable tethering on the phone? What about voicemail?
Both are available as a value added service. Tethering costs $3.99/month and Visual Voicemail costs $2.49/month. Even better, you can subscribe to our Premier Service which bundles all of our popular services (including tethering and voicemail, plus Data Rollover, Usage Alerts, Security, Data Compression, and Premium Support) for $9.99/month.

**10. Are these phones new? **
There are Certified Pre-Owned Phones. While there has been some usage on the devices previously, they have been thoroughly inspected and repackaged by our logistics department and not a third party manufacturer. There have been physical damage checks, functionality checks, data wipe and factory reset, and radio frequency tests.

11. I have a billing issue. Can you help?
Please contact our support team if any billing issues come up. We also have a very active Community Forum that you can check out here

12. What’s up with the reviews and customer service issues?
We’ve received a lot of criticism over the the past year stemming from our initial wireless hotspot policies. We’re a startup company attempting to disrupt the wireless telecommunications industry by competing against the big guys with billion $$ marketing budgets and nearly unlimited resources. Everyone has an opinion, good or bad. Major publications who’ve reviewed our product including Forbes, PC Mag, Top Ten Reviews, Clark Howard, and TUAW who have been impressed with our service and respect our efforts of making free internet accessible to everyone.
The good news is we’ve listened to these criticisms and updated our policies as a result. We’ve definitely made a lot of changes since our initial launch to improve our service, but if you have any other specific questions, feel free to ask.
We’ve also beefed up our customer service team considerably over the last year. We encourage you to come to FreedomPop HQ anytime to meet the team in person. Like any customer service team, we do experience times with high call volume, but you can always email us via or PM us during the course of this woot deal.

FreedomPop Reviews and Ratings[list]

A few questions for you:

  1. Can we opt for a black Samsung S4 instead of the white?

  2. Are these phones eligible for the roll over data plan offered on your website?

  3. If yes to the roll over, can a phone with free service and an internet access device with free service share roll over data?

  4. If I’m not mistaken, you’re an MVNO on Sprint? Does that mean we can use our Google Voice number on these phones?

  5. Will the S4 be receiving Android updates, including 5.1 which is rolling out now?

5a) Can we upgrade the phones ourselves, without disrupting service from Freedompop?

  1. Since Freedompop is really just offering VOIP, do calls use any of the data allotment?

6a) Do calls using Google Voice use any of the data allotment?

  1. Why does your website require a zip & email to do anything? As was written in Computerworld about a year ago, this is bad business… “But FreedomPop’s website borders on user-hostile, providing no information about phones, plans or coverage unless you first enter a ZIP code and email address. Even then, it’s extremely difficult to browse the available options.”

Thank you for taking the time to answer.

Discussion from prior offering…
–> ElectronicsWoot! Daily Deal 3/17/2015.

The biggest problem with these is that they run on the sprint network. I tried a Sprint phone and actually had to go outside to get a signal. Also be advised, the S III is a real battery hog.

The data service is pretty good. The voice service not so much. The voice is all VOIP and will use your data plan. Quality is not so good and degrades fairly quickly in a less than optimum signal. These are also refurbished Sprint phones. With Sprint policies, trying to get the phones activated on another carrier is like pulling teeth.

I tried this several months back when Woot had the same offer (different prices tho’). I had a Galaxy S3–liked the phone a lot. But I had lots of problems w/service. Getting email and voicemail set up was not easy. Ultimately I found help in one of the forums but it took a lot of digging. Forget trying to get through to customer service on regular lines. Fortunately new customers got a free month of “premier” service, which means that you can actually get hold of someone. Doesn’t necessarily mean they can solve your problem.

It took several days to get my number ported from Virgin Mobile. Oddball that I am, I use my cell mainly for phone calls, and quality here was erratic. Connections frequently cut in and out or were lost altogether.

After a month or two my phone got stolen. I didn’t think the service justified the cost of a new phone, and I went back to VM. It took a few days to get my number ported back–apparently the VOIP service means the number got classified as a land line, or so I was told, and land lines take longer to port and require more hoops.

I would not try this again as my only phone. If the phone itself were cheap enough, might be worthwhile getting the very limited free service as a spare/second line, if you needed such a thing.

I tried Freedompop phone service for 2 months. Some of tech support was GREAT all had excruciatingly long waiting times. My service was not good and did not get better, returned to a major carrier to wait for freedompop to get their act together. Check out the BBB before diving in. All honest user reviews are deleted from their facebook page if they are not glowing… .its hard to get an honest review of the service before YOU try it out.
ON the flip side Freedompop is a gamble that may pay off for some people. Good luck to all you adventurers and please post any positive experiences you have had with this phone service.

  1. Only the colors pictured are available for purchase through this deal.

  2. Yes, phones are eligible to subscribe to the data rollover service, which costs $3.99/month.

  3. Rollover data only applies to one specific device. You cannot share your rollover data between various phones/hotspots.

  4. Yes, you can use Google Voice with FreedomPop phones.

  5. User are not currently able to upgrade their Android OS to a higher version at this time.

  6. Since these phones use VoIP, a data connection is required for Calls & Texts. Any data used while making calls or texts is not deducted from your monthly allotment.

  7. We ask for the Zip Code so we can provide you with the most accurate information in regards to the available phones and voice/data plans available. Some devices and services are only available for users in certain locations.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Its almost like morse code the person on the other end hears every other word.My wife said throw it away or else

Definitely recommend checking coverage first at Be sure to only select the 4G LTE and 3G boxes. You can also connect to any local WiFi network (such as the one in your home or work) in order to make calls/texts.

Just a bit of clarification – the data used for calls & texts are not deducted from your free monthly data allotment. It is drawn from an entirely separate data pool.

Thanks for trying out our service last time around. We’re making improvements each day, with the ultimate goal of being completely unnoticeable in terms of quality when comparing to one of the big carriers. Hopefully you’ll give us another shot soon and be pleased!

I have 3 freedom pop devices – an iphone 4s (son), an android phone (cheap model) and a mobile hotspot gizmo.

My son (15 years old now) loves the 4s and the service is decent with FP. Voice calls are decent quality when he’s got 2 bars or more and impossible with less. Texting works well.

The android phone works decent and I use it as an emergency phone in case my phone dies. I can say that trying to use it in a moving vehicle is not advised – it doesn’t always switch towers fast enough to avoid dropping a call (remember, it’s VOIP).

The mifi is the only gizmo I pay for monthly (roll over data at about $1.99 (from a special deal)).

If you are looking for a work phone – forget it. If you are looking to keep a kid happy on the cheap this is a very good option. The mobile hotspot I have works great everywhere I’ve needed to use it (but I know it’s sprint’s network so I don’t expect it to work consistently while on the road).

I’d also like to note that when VOICE CALLING you do not use up your data pool – those are calculated differently. However, you DO use up VOICE minutes even when you call over wifi.

I have a Samsung Victory that has NEVER worked right since I got it via Woot a few months ago. Customer Service and Tech Support is lacking severely. Service works on/off (at least with my phone.) I wouldn’t care as much if it was for me but it’s a phone for my 12 year old daughter. I know…“Free is free…you get what you pay for” Except I PAID for the phone and it’s basically poop.

I’ve had FreedomPop service on my old Galaxy S3 for a few months now. If it weren’t free, I wouldn’t even tell people I didn’t like about them.

First off, reception. If you live in an area with decent voice reception (on Sprint, which is the network they use) but poor data reception, you can’t use Freedompop. They use VoIP and only lease Sprint’s data network, which has less coverage than their voice network.

Second, their support. I’ve only ever been able to get a response within a reasonable time via TWITTER of all places (E-mail response time was 1-2 weeks, if ever). Even then, I’ve been told a lot of wrong things there (like how I can’t use their service over wifi when my cellular data runs out, which is wrong). I often never get a response via E-mail and the last time I had a problem I couldn’t find a support number to call (it does appear to be on there now if you look hard enough for it).

Third, their “gotchas”. Once you use 400MB or the 500MB you get monthly and it finally filters through to them that you’ve hit that mark (could take a day, I’ve been told), they cut off your data for the month. So you have to quickly use up that last 100 MB or they prevent you from using it. Also, they try to charge you $5 a month for voicemail, and you have to opt-out of their automatic data top-up that they don’t tell you about that automatically buys more data when you get near the monthly limit. Did I mention you can get to that point just from app updates alone if you have lots of apps installed on your phone?

Fourth, their shadiness. They offer a number of “deals” you can complete to earn more free data each month. I did a dozen of them, never got rewarded, and then support says it must have been my fault that it didn’t work. I also felt an extreme need to run a virus scan after I was done doing them.

I paid a total of $25 to activate my existing Sprint Galaxy S3 on their service. I figured that would be worth it just to try it out, but it’s unreliable and has poor to nonexistent customer service. I’ve had problems with my account (not my phone, we found out) where voice calls are garbled even over wifi, where the app won’t register me on their network so I can’t make cell calls, and other things. Unless you have an existing phone that you’re otherwise not using that happens to be compatible ( ) I can’t recommend spending money on this.

ok freedompop rep how’s about this one just got the Samsung Galaxy s3 from a couple weeks ago now I turned it on and it says system update, expected that so I went ahead and did it it boots into a custom recovery that states that the update is not even digitally signed as an Android enthusiast and developer that is a big red flag so I’d like some explanation here publicly thank you.

Thanks for the reply.

Current FreedomPop customer. Not happy with the service much. Even in a well covered 4G area (according to their map), I can simply be driving down the road and simply loose coverage all together for several minutes.

Calls have always been choppy, and 8 out of 10 calls I receive I have to hang up and call them back a time or two to get it to clear up.

Barely works indoors, if you’re by a window (even when in a downtown figh rise building in the state capital city). Calls are much much much better over wi-fi, even crappy wi-fi.

A friend of mine lives a half mile from a water tower that one of maps says is a Sprint tower, and the whole area around it is listed as 4G LTE full coverage. In his house, I lose signal in most places, even near windows. It’s a standard construction wooden house with wooden siding and such. I go out in his backyard, I might get 3 bars on my phone.

Samsung Galaxy SIII on FreedomPop. I use the freebie plan, and added Visual Voicemail and Data Rollover. for a couple bucks each every month. Even with the issues, it’s way cheaper than a regualr phone plan from any other provider.

I should note that I also have a portable hotspot through these folks, and a home access point (Hub Burst). Both have their own issues, mostly relating to Sprint cell coverage, and the Hub in particular is problematic in that I have to restart it every couple-three days (I stopped using it all together, reverted to the free plan on that and keep it as a backup just in case).

We’re consistently increasing the size of our Support Team. Would definitely recommend checking out our Community Forum ( if there are any technical support questions. Users can also PM me here.

The system update is done by Samsung, not FreedomPop. Not sure why it wouldn’t be digitally signed.

The pricing makes this really tempting, but they have always rubbed me the wrong way. I used a unique and new tagged email on their stupid site that requires a Valid email before you can see their products, it checks for bad addresses.

The next day I start getting opt out marketing to the tagged address. With the wimax shut down this year, the spamminess and shadiness will probably only increase.

No WAY am I buying any of this stuff.

Very sorry that you’re unhappy receiving emails. If you PM me your email address, I can make sure that you’re removed from our system.

Just as a note, all of these phone connect to the 4G LTE network. None of them connect to wimax.