FreedomPop Phone LG Volt

Hi Woot! So great to be back here with a new deal for our Free Phone Service with a wide selection of Android phones. For those of you unfamiliar with FreedomPop service, I’ve included our top FAQs below (along with a link to a more expanded set). I’m happy to answer any questions in this thread or through PM!

** 1. Is FreedomPop really free?**
Yes, by activating on the 100% free, you’ll be able to get 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of data for free each and every month. Just buy the phone and you’ll never have to pay another phone bill again. Upgrading to unlimited talk & text is only $10.99/month.

** 2. What network does FreedomPop use? **
FreedomPop uses Sprint’s 4G LTE and 3G networks. Calls and texts are made through FreedomPop’s VoIP messaging app, so you must have a data connection in order to send/receive calls and texts. Go to to view the full coverage. As a way to save your free data allotment, you can also connect to any local WiFi network, such as the one in your home or work.

** 3. What do I do after receiving my phone? **
After you get your FreedomPop phone, please go to Enter in the MEID of your phone, along with your desired email address to be associated with your FreedomPop account. Follow the steps to get fully activated. You will select your FreedomPop phone number during the activation process.

To see an even more expanded FAQs, please check out this page of the FreedomPop Community Forum! Hope everyone has a great day!

I see in the FAQ that i can get my number in step 3. Can I keep my number?

Yes, you can port your existing number over to your FreedomPop phone. There is a one-time cost of $9.99.

Hello FreedomPop,

Good to see you again! I have an HTC EVO 4G that I purchased a couple years ago (I actually purchased 3) that I occasionally use (2 for “kid-phones” and mine for a back-up of my subscription service phone). The phones seem to use some sort of custom VOIP protocol for voice calls. Data & text messages seem usual. The voice calls are a little garbly, but HEY, for FREE service, who’s gonna complain? Not me!!! Good enough for my evil purposes! Anyone aware of your services NOT using them has got to have their head examined… It’s really THAT good!

However, what I really wanted to ask
was about 4G LTE service. IIRC, when I bought the HTCs, 4G LTE service was scheduled to disappear at the end of 2015 through Sprint, making the HTC devices obsolete. Or am I wrong? Also, at the time of purchase, (2 years ago) some sort of deal was supposed to occur for FreedomPop users to compensate for the loss of 4G LTE service. What was eventually decided? I must say, that the HTCs seem to work almost as well with plain-old 3G EXCEPT for more garbled calls & slower data transmission… which isn’t THAT big a deal if you limit yourself to the free monthly allotments. So what did you guys decide to do?

Thanks, in advance, for your help!

Is the Premium Plus monthly upgrade available with the free data/talk/text plan? Mainly I want to be able to have a phone to tether my laptop/tablet to once in a while when I’m on the road.

The Evo 4G connects to 4G WiMax (not 4G LTE). Sprint has announced that WiMax will be shutting down at the end of this year (most likely early November). When the WiMax shutdown occurs, your Evo 4Gs will still be able to connect to 3G.

Yes, you can subscribe to the Premium Plus service package while on the free plan. Premium Plus will provide you with Premium Voice, Data Rollover, Voicemail, WiFi Tethering, & MMS!

FreedomPop then wrote:

Thank you, FreedomPop, however I was referring to the posts from the early July 2014 posts referring to an upcoming program for users of FreedomPop WiMAX devices to get a special deal or program to upgrade their devices when WWiMax went away. for instance, see: FreedomPop promises special upgrade plan to purchasers stuck with WiMax devices


Oh, I forgot to mention, even if the promised upgrade path is NOT a good deal, FreedomPop is such a great service, that I’m STILL going to buy a couple devices from them in this sale. And if anybody wanted to know, YES, they’re THAT GOOD!

Does wifi tethering work with all the phones available for sale on woot? Is any model better for tethering?

Please PM me your account information and I’ll see of the available options for you!

WiFi Tethering works on most of our phones. I personally use it on the Galaxy SIII quite a bit and it works great

Avoid FreedomPop at all costs.

I bought one off of a prior woot deal. The first phone sent was not flashed correctly and was stuck in a perpetual infinte boot loop. It took 3 weeks for FreedomPop to issue an RMA.
The replacement phone arrived 3 weeks later…it had a new screen but the case was beat to hell and the metal around the case was deformed.

Once I setup the account I discovered the calling app would crash whenever I tried to make a call. Also despite the Woot sales saying the phone included 50MB of free data, FreedomPop would not honor that deal when setting up my account. After attempting for over a month to get support to resolve those two issues, I finally gave up.

Just stay away from FreedomPop unless you intend to flash their phones to another provider…even then be aware that you may end up with a complete piece of crap for a phone.

Very sorry that you had a poor experience with us previously. Please PM me if there are any lingering issues on your account.

As a note, all FreedomPop devices can subscribe our 100% Free Plan and get 500MB of data for free each month. It’s standard for all phones & hotspots.

I only have a need for tethering 3-6 months out of the year. Can I subscribe to the Premium Plus plan on a month-to-month basis?

I’m looking for this info on your main website but it won’t give me any info unless I buy a phone and activate it.

I’m looking for a device to connect to the wifi at work to play music apps like iheartradio. Any reason this wouldn’t work?

I got an email last week offering an upgrade for my htc phone (same as yours, the first one they offered), it was an lg, might have been the $50 volt they are offering here today, for a $30 upgrade fee. It was a solid offer, but I’ve already also got their note 2, and just grabbed the g2 from today’s deal so I’m just going to let that account die (will try to switch it to the new g2 when I get it), never really used that phone number anyway!

Yes, you can subscribe/unscribe to Premium Plus (and our other value-added services) as needed. You can do this directly on your online account page.

That should definitely work on one of these phones. It’s able to download any app from the Google Play store.