Fujifilm FinePix XP Cameras-Your Choice

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Fujifilm FinePix XP Cameras-Your Choice
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What’s the difference between xp120 and xp125?


I’m a camera person, you know, the person with way more camera stuff than a pro photographer would have.

Anyway, whenever I am asked what camera people should buy for their huge vacation my choice is always the same “Any underwater camera rated to at least 10 Meters (30 feet) because no mater the weather conditions you won’t be afraid to take it out and use it, plus you can use it in the water.” This camera fits that description.

I learned this lesson on a vacation where I forgot my “good” SLR and lenses but I have my underwater camera packed with my SCUBA gear. I got the best photos that trip not because I have a great camera, but because I wasn’t afraid to take that camera out no mater how hard it was raining, your cell phone can’t do that. There is an old saying in photography, “The best camera is the working one in your hands with film in it.” That is still true today but it is available memory not film.

Can this camera charge through a USB cable or only with the AC adapter? Looking for something I can easily charge from a power stick for an extended backpacking trip.

I cannot find anything about the XP125 online; it’s like it doesn’t exist, except for a few ebay auctions and this sale.

Even fujifilm.com’s search only turns up one result, an recall on the wall plug for the XP120/XP125. There is no manual available, and the XP120 manual has no references to “125”.

Totally agree. I bought an Olympus ‘Tough’ camera for a family trip to the beach (for use in the surf). Now it is the go to camera for family trips, beach or not. Kids drop it - OK. Raining - take pictures anyway! Throw it in the backpack without a case - why not? The most stress-free way to go and the picture quality is fine for the subjects and audiences we’re aiming for.

This review says “the ability to charge using a MicroUSB cable is useful”

This review says “The battery is charged in-camera over the USB connection using the supplied charger and USB cable which has standard A and micro B connectors, so you may have other devices that use the same cable and can avoid taking multiple cables and chargers when travelling. As well as the supplied charger you can charge the XP120 from a laptop or other suitable source.”

Question for this Tech Dummy… Can you post pictures to multimedia such as Facebook or Instagram from this camera?

No but it has wifi… you can connect your smartphone to its network, download the picture(s) you want, disconnect, and then post them from your phone.

I have one of the older version of this camera and love it. I used to buy the 35mm waterproof disposable cameras.

Got my daughter a FuJi waterproof camera years ago. Still takes pretty decent pictures. Wish I could remember the name but it looks like todays offer. My first waterproof camera (now don’t laugh), a Minolta Weathermatic A 110. I still have it. Got it at the Navy exchange down in NAS Key West in 1981. Still have it. I’m not even sure if they make film for it any more LOL. Never can find those Fotomats any more lol.


You mean directly, as in not copying them to a computer first? No.

I’ve had excellent results with my Fuji bridge camera factory refurb from Woot. They had a bad batch of 16 MP sensors and dropped in new ones.

One note on waterproof cameras: you need to keep any battery doors (or any opening to the inside!) CLEAN.

Older waterproof housings needed their seals to be coated with Vaseline to make them work. Bits of salt or sand on the rubber seals will make them LEAK.

Too many people think waterproof means “care free.” It does not.

Looks like the 125 is only good for 15M water depth versus 20M for the 120. (Note the text on the camera front in the images.)

The 125 description does not mention digital zoom, but does mention image stabilization when the 120 does not. Interesting…

I bought one of these waterproof fuji’s the last time it was offered on woot. I have the xp90 with 5x optical zoom. I just used it in Hawaii over Easter and it took fantastic photos playing in the surf and scuba/snuba to 25 feet. No issues. I wash it in fresh water afterwards and open the door too charge and dry out the seal areas afterwards. Mine has an nice optical zoom, but never looked into the digital zoom because I try to avoid digital zoom.

They do make film for it and you can buy it here https://filmphotographystore.com/collections/all/110-film

Really on the fence about this one. Was thinking about picking it up for a cruise in January but the reviews are so mixed on it I’m leaning towards waiting to see what else comes up for a good deal.

No one seems to know.