Furinno Storage & Organization

Question: is the 3x2 shelf really the correct dimensions? It looks longer than it is tall, but the dimensions say the opposite. Help!

They’re checking.

Did they license this from Ikea? I’ve got a basement and a garage full of these (well, taller)

Also - one for $25 or two for $60. Really??

They don’t make a point of this - but you can join multiples by “offsetting” the uprights so that the screw holes overlap between units… a purchase of 3 units could yield a setup with 4 units of 2 shelves each…

Every time this stuff comes back, I feel it’s my duty to warn everyone to beware Furinno! I bought a TV stand last year. It took over 5 weeks to arrive. Most of the laminate on the particle board was scratched around the edges, but I figured you get what you pay for, and I didn’t want to wait another 5 weeks for a replacement. When I started putting it together, I realized they’d included the wrong set of hardware. I contacted the company, and a week later, I got a replacement pack – which was still the wrong pieces. Eventually I was able to combine the two packs and use some broken golf pencils for the missing dowels to kludge the thing together, but I vowed to leave a comment any time Furinno furniture came up for sale again on Woot. Consider yourself warned!

Thanks for the heads up. I was looking at one of the pieces for closet organization but IKEA is probably better

Yes, thanks for that.