Galaxy by Harvic Men's Belted Vintage Cargo Shorts

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Galaxy by Harvic Men’s Belted Vintage Cargo Shorts
Price: $16.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Mar 01 to Thursday, Mar 02) + transit
Condition: New


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Comments from a previous sale


“$68.00 75% off List Price”

just seems to be a bad joke.
Definitely not a premium brand…

Comments from the last sale aren’t promising at all for the quality or build of these shorts. These seem like the shorts you find at Meijers or Walmart for around $20 so not a terrible deal. I typically buy a pair of these about once every 3 to 4 years because I’m really just after the belt. I use the belt for all my jeans/shorts not just these. If I get a month’s use out of the shorts then hey…bonus.

i’ve been thinking this too, these are not Levi$ or even Urban Pipeline…

Are they back? Heard they were about as fashionable as cancer, especially if you are a grown-up.

Woot’s return policy is just too risky to purchase clothes. If they don’t fit as expected, you are basically SOL.

These are Not the same cargo shorts offered in the link pasted above in the comments, these are new cargo shorts that were manufactured with premium washed twill cotton . Do not let the fact that they aren’t stamped “Levi’s” fool you , they are made with the utmost quality , from the garment dyed washed cotton for that soft touch to the cargo pockets detailing with premium button and rivets. The tonal Belt is made from a durable cotton material that feels comfortable and will last you a long time. These will not shrink when you was them like other cargo shorts because they have already been pre-shrunk. I urge you not to fall for the "brand " trap, just because something is labeled “Levi’s” or “Lee” it doesn’t define the quality of that specific product, sometimes famous brands license out their label to basic unknown manufacturing companies. There are size ranges for everybody from waist 32-46 and they are as true to size as a pair of shorts can be. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED WITH THESE BELTED COTTON CARGO SHORTS AND AT 16.99 PER PAIR, IT’S A STEAL!!!

Yeah…that’s very reassuring. Still not sold.

I bought a couple pairs of some other Galaxy shorts that look more like sleep/work out shorts. They were much smaller than what they listed and the pockets have ripped off pretty much. They’re used as sleep shorts now because that’s all they’re good for.

Woot Woot Woot Woot
Send us some loot
Buy these shorts
For you cohorts
They are really cute

Hmmmm, not as good as yesterday.

Woot should send this sale over to sites like that chive place or, they’d sell out fast.

This. Shoes too. Unless you’ve bought the exact item before and know how it will fit.

Just one size bigger and I’d have bit!

I need some light weight walking shorts. In for three.

women hate these…

Last time I wore shorts I was arrested for causing an accident. It seems that my white legs blinded one of the drivers. I was charged with BSIP “being stupid in public”.

Can we just get the belt? Ha! I would like to see a cornucopia of d-ring, big sized belts.

The rep says they are not the same as last time. Does that mean there wont be rivets that pop off within minutes of putting them on my body?

Wow 16.99 is a pretty good price, I own a couple of pairs of similar cargo by this brand and they are very reliable , I paid a bit more for them but they were very well worth it , even after a bunch of washes they still fit the same,of course they aren’t Gucci lol but I’ll take it!!