GBH Men's Assorted Muscle Tank Tee 5Pk

GBH Men's Assorted Muscle Tank Tee 5Pk


Why do I keep doing this to myself?

I always say “galaxy by Harvick is garbage. Every time you buy it, it’s garbage. Stop buying garbage!”

But then it seems like a really good deal and I buy it.

Well guess what. I bought this aaannnnd… It’s garbage.

SUPER thin material. Honestly, hyperbole aside, this makes tissue paper look durable. The pictures make this look somewhat fitted. It’s not. It’s a shapeless, flappy sack. If I were a Lil shorter, it could be a sleaveless dress. Super unflattering.

And if you’re hoping for some color, forget it. Two black, two gray, one navy. It DOES say duplicates possible so thats on me, but if anyone else is hoping for something colorful, forget it.

Please, learn from my mistakes. Don’t buy anything by gbh. I’ve tried multiple shorts and shirts and they’ve all been terrible. Sent them all back.

Sorry cs, one more incoming!

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