GearWrench Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set

I’ve purchased GearWrench tools in the past and have been very pleased. To bad this set is SAE and not metric. But for anyone looking for an SAE set I imagine this would be a good choice.

The picture shows a 7 piece set, but the description says this is a 13 piece set. For a 7 piece set (which is all smaller wrenches), $4 per wrench is not an especially good deal. A 13 piece set at $2 a wrench is a good deal and I would get one.

Be aware that these wrenches are not reversible (besides flipping over the wrench), which means it can be easy to jam them into a tight spot on a bolt and not be able to get it out. I have done that several times, and needed pry bars or related to get the wrench out, or had to remove a different part of an engine to unwedge a wrench.

These are relatively large 5 degree wrenches (which means 72 tooth), which for some reason became a standard for weekend warriors like I am. I much prefer the newer ~2 degree wrenches because of the very tight spaces in engine bays of cars I have tended to work on recently.

Well? How many pieces are we talking about? 7 or 13?

Hi there. Sorry for the confusion. It is a 7-piece set.

Have used gear wrenches for a lot of construction and mill right work. They will hold up under a ton of abuse. Have only had one where the bearing are going out but thats bc 100+ ftlbs of torque was being put on it. overall great tools.

Hey Evadman! Wouldn’t it be way easier to just grab hold of the wrench head and quickly give her a spin to see whether you’re putting the wrench on to tighten or loosen the fastener? Haha!
All those pry bars and stuff seem like WAY more work! A two second check will be much easier.