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The text on the WANTED photo frame just seems nonsensical. Could have been cool. Must be Chinese.

I order this item on November 20th with the order #4678****
But I got nothing! when I track the package said that is delivered, but I don’t have anything, who can help me???

[MOD EDIT: Edited Order number for privacy]

Mine hasn’t been shipped yet. The status of the order is always ‘shipping now’. I sent an email asking the customer service what was wrong and they didn’t give me any reply yet.

Sorry to hear that you haven’t received your order yet.

I would recommend that you use the Support Tab located at the top of the Main Page to contact Woot Member Services.
You can also email them at and let them know. They’ll be able to answer any questions or concerns you have about your order.

Far from receiving the case, the order has never been shipped. Tracking has been unavailable. I sent an email, politely asking the custom service when I will be able to get the item, but never got any reply from them. I just sent another email to them. Or maybe I just contact my credit card company to solve the problem.

I am experiencing the same issue; I have sent two customer service requests and gotten no response. First was sent a week ago, and the second sent today.

My status has been “Shipping Now” since the day I ordered.

Customer Service seems unresponsive.

The shipping estimate is 5-8 days; It has been 10 business days now.

Wow, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one having an issue with this particular woot. I bought a few other things from different woots and they shipped pretty quickly but the boom-box bag is still nowhere to be found. Customer service has been unhelpful in that regard and I’m not even sure if it shipped on the same day as the other items or if it’s still holed up in the warehouse somewhere. Judging by some of the other comments here it might still be sitting in the warehouse waiting to be shipped out.

I’ve also not received mine. I have contacted customer support twice with no response. Sounds like Woot is starting to really suck at Customer Service. I’m heading to the bank today to request a chargeback

Has anyone received this item yet?

Sorry for the delay in response and to hear that you haven’t received tracking yet.

I have forwarded a Private Message to your with some helpful information.

Thanks again for your continued patience while they resolve the issue.

Not yet for me.