Gemini 300 Watt Twin Outlet Power Inverter

Great deal

Got this last time… great product!

good deal

Got one in the last wootoff - don’t need 2

That thing is so worth it…

This inverter sucks. I have 1.

these r very handy. good deal too. dont need one though

I have one of these and its great

It has all the electricity in the world inside.

Nice! Use Velcro to mount on your dash while you WarDrive During WootOff!

ANyone, ANYONE OUT THERe, What is a leakfrog? What does it do? why everyone lovin the leakfrogs?

my car already has 1 built in

YAY!! My first woot.

I was actually shopping around for one of these on-line today. Glad I didn’t buy one from Amazon!

We use ours all the time when we’re traveling. It works great! We love ours!

This took 4 ever last wootoff.

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Gemini 300 Watt Twin Outlet Power Inverter
$11.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Gemini 300 Watt Twin Outlet Power Inverter G71163

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Great for using a laptop in the car!

got 2, taking my home theater mobile for kicks…