Germ Guardian Digital Air Purifier



“Purifies a room size of 193 square feet”

So long as your room is 14 feet squared or fewer, you should be fine. 15 x 13, and you’re f’d.

Did I mention, btw, that it’s cheaper to order it directly through Amazon?

[MOD: That’s a different model. That’s a AC4825. We’re selling the AC5250BPT.]


how often would the filter need to be changed? also, is it relatively silent? as in, no louder than a couple of computer fans?


How about the filters? How often do you have to replace them and how expensive are they? This is pertinent information.


Different model it looks like. That’s the 4825


My digital air is good, thanks. I’ll pass on this one.


Got three of these a while back and it is a pretty good air purifier. I haven’t changed the filters yet and I am not exactly sure when I am suppose to change it. On setting 5 it is pretty loud and circulates air. On setting 1 it’s pretty quiet. The UV light is pretty bright blue. The only weird thing for me is that they blow sideways instead of straight ahead. If you are looking at the grill it points to your right, not sure why it’s like that. I bought this to replace my ionic breeze which were silent, so this was a big change.


How long have you had them? Can you turn off the light? Oh, and how long is the cord on this thing?


Write up was priceless. reminded me of a place i lived in college, but ‘tenets’? Twice?

[MOD: Eeeep. I’ll email that in.]


This was the previous woot in may:


The filters are $49.99 from Germ Guardian’s website. Didn’t see anything about the replacement interval, but at that price I hope its not often!

For the record, this same model is selling on Amazon for $160.


My mind’s still on the fritz from yesterday.

How bad? Bad enough to make this:


Oh, and poor sketchy tenant. Sorry he couldn’t stay around longer. I do appreciate the interneterati-style ref at the end. XD


Wow… Hopefully someone can chime in on replacement interval. That is a wallet crusher for sure.


Found the instruction manual. It states that the filters are good for 6-8 months depending on usage.


From comparing the specs on woot and Germ Guardian’s website, I believe it’s their top line model AC5250PT. It’s $179 on there and amazon doesn’t sell it.

Looks like a great deal, I’m in for 2!! Woot Woot!


Amazon does indeed sell it. See my post above with the link.


The air purifier is OK, there are better ones, but this is OK for the price. I had this one and I can say, this is definitley an every three months (4X) a year change filter, machine. Six months is not gonna cut it. You will need to change it before then.

Even every three months pushes it.


Replacement filters found here at Amazon ($44.95 + $9.50 shipping - not much better than at the manufacturer’s site, if it’s better at all):


What makes it digital?


You use one of your digits to press the button?