GERYON Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine

GERYON Automatic Vacuum Sealer Machine

I got a very similar model on the mothership for $20. It works great. I left a good review and they sent me a $20 gift card.


Does anyone know if the catch try is removable to clean out juices that may be sucked out?

Vacuum sealing ziplock bags is easy to do even without a vacuum sealer.

Get a container of water and put the ziplock bag you’re trying to vacuum seal into the water. The water surrounding the outside of the bag will force all the air out of the bag allowing you to ziplock it closed.

Ta da, vacuumed seal ziplock bags that seals last just as long as these expensive devices and custom bags.

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What’s the model number?

Stv6669, you are confusing what is known in the scientific trades as “head space” with vacuum. They are not the same thing. Your method will indeed reduce head space in a bag, but it doesn’t substantially reduce oxygen content, which is still at ambient partial pressure.

A vacuum seal on the other hand reduces no only headspace but also greatly reduces the partial pressure of oxygen and nitrogen. For example, foods that have been vacuum sealed are far slower to spoil or to oxidize.

Moreover, if you use the vacuum hose adapter to evacuate rigid containers, you can preserve soft or liquid foods as well. In addition, one trick to marinating meats rapidly is to use a rigid container with the meat and marinade and evacute. The marinade is “pulled” into the meat fibers as the air is exhausted.


I have found the quality of ziplock and store brands lacking here lately. I freeze alot of meat and ziplock in particular tends to get holes very easy and I think there is a quality control problem with the 2 bottom corners as ever freezer bag I’ve purchased from them leak from there.