Ginsu 10' Disposable Cutting Board

Ginsu 10' Disposable Cutting Board

Unless you are hung up on the “Ginsu” brand, the “mothership” has several options for what is apparently the same thick flexible plastic in rolls 25 or up to 50 (or even 100 feet), and while $1.50 a foot may seem OK the alternates are almost all less than $1 a foot. Plus some are available in colors. Or even Black if you prefer.

Single use plastics are literally destroying the planet with pollution and here’s a disgusting example. Literally a sheet of plastic to throw away because people are too lazy to wash a reusable cutting board. :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:t3:
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Came to say the same thing. My mom tired to sell me in these.

  • Product Care and Cleaning: Hand Wash Only
  • 10 sq, feet long, 12" wide, 0.018" thickness

Looks like you can reuse it if you want.
I wonder if the .018" (eighteen thousandths of an inch) is enough to protect a knife from cutting through it.