Ginsu Shoku 4 Pc Steak Knife Set

Here’s the blog link to last time around

But can you cut a tin can with these knives? It’s a deal breaker.

I bought a set of these last time around and tempted to buy them in a different color. They are great. Well balanced, well made and sharp :).

I bought the set of kitchen knives when they were on woot not long ago… I’ve only been using them for a week, but they are some of the best I’ve ever used. I have Henckels, Cutco, and a few other one off pieces from different collections, and from first slice, these were some of my top knives. They are well balanced, a great weight to help slice, but not fatigue your hand, and the colors are a great addition as long as you pick a color that works with the rest of your color scheme! The only con I have is that where the colored handle meets the metal, it’s not perfectly flush, and is the only part that I feel looks a bit cheap. I don’t know if they stay sharp for long (as I’ve used them about 4 times), but they’re impressive enough to get me to buy the steak knives!

It’s not the steak knives, but Consumer Reports has a decent opinion of the ginsu shoku knife set. They will corrode if left dirty or in water. Possibly that’s why they are not dishwasher safe.

Do these come with a “block” to hold them?

They do not but jeez for $22 what do you expect?

Tried to buy three sets early in the auction, but got kicked out because one color sold out before my order was filled. If WOOT would write better software, it could have told me why the sale didn’t complete and could have offered a different choice so I could complete a purchase.