GlareWheel Electric Bike EB-X5

GlareWheel Electric Bike EB-X5

@Walmart: $599.00, 3/5 stars from four reviews. The pedals and front crank are apparently fragile(?)

Could not find a weight limit anywhere.

It was tough to find but our team did!

Max load is 220lb.

Added to features.

Found the same bike/model but said it had a 36v battery, not 42. Any thoughts? Any idea how long it takes to charge? Regular 110 outlet?

Shoot I wanted the red model. Oh well (Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac)

At least it really looks like a deal with these going for up to $599 online.

Read the online reviews though. Many fragile parts.

Also I’m 220, so I don’t think this could get me up a hill.