GlareWheel Electric Moped EB-C1PRO

GlareWheel Electric Moped EB-C1PRO

Why no electric sofa on wheels in the Deals on Wheels section of Fitness Week?

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Do the GlareWheel scooter tires comes air fill or I need an air pump

Sure, it looks like a scooter with seat. But really, it’s the basket that makes this. So freakin’ cute!

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Hi there. Hard to say. In the long run, you’d want a pump to top off in cold weather and occasionally anyway.

Is the battery removable so its easier to charge? Or is it "on"the scooter so it’s a pain in the BLEEP to charge it?

Hello. Per the vendor:

Not removable. Have to charge on the scooter .

Bummer…so theres probably no spare battery they have for sale? Or is there a way to make or do they have a part to make it so you can swap the battery out. We thought th e battery was detachable and were planning on. Taking to out cabin and to get places use th e scooter but at times go to town but would need to swap out the battery or have a spare for sure.

I think you’d need to check directly with them at this point.

(options) I have opened many electronic devices and found either the type of soldered cells or a non-mfg-specific batt part number that websearching found for sale. (not something a mgfr or etailer can comment about. And nowadays there are 120v and usb-c storage batteries that can carge 19v laptops. And way more expensive moped-style ebikes on indigogo. hth