Glow in the Dark

Am I just not seeing it? The night owl shirt doesn’t show what glows in the dark in its images…

Is night owl now glow in the dark? Inquiring minds want to know…

I too wonder about the night owl, is it that the whole thing glows?

Yeah, I’m also unsure- I’ll get back with you guys after talking with our Shirt peeps.

It only glows if you believe

You’re kinda right? Because it’s not glow-y unfortunately, we’ve taken it out (and will be emailing the people who purchased to make sure they know it won’t glow).

How do the kids sizes work? I want to get one for my nephew. What does Kids 12 mean? I’m used to small med large

Click the Sizing Chart link in the Features on the sale page. Also, maybe ask his parents what size is good for him.