"Go Sports!" Jersey Zip Hoodie

"Go Sports!" Jersey Zip Hoodie

This has been a favorite design. I ordered this jersey zip hoodie (and a t-shirt and I think a regular sweatshirt) in this design. My favorite place to wear it is when going to a sports bar (only because I like their food) with my nerdy friends and nerd husband. It’s been a hit!

@Lady5tark do you know WHY they don’t offer regular heavier weight zip hoodies with the design like this off to one side and then the larger design on the back? I’d be super happy if it was just a smaller design that would fit off to one side. I really DISLIKE having a zipper go down the middle of the design. The picture above does not show what it actually looked like. See my pictures I am uploading — it actually had the small design on the front too!

@theawkwardyeti this is such a great design! I got up from my seat to show friends at the Applebees (football game was on their TVs) and someone from the loud sports table saw me stand up to show my friends and hollared out and pointed…I got applause from the “Go Sports” people. LOL <3 this design

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Woots current printing method doesn’t allow printing on the back. :frowning:

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

Well the back doesn’t really matter as much to me since my hair reaches down to my waist they don’t see it any way (it wasn’t that long when I bought this. I would just like to have zip hoodies with the design a bit smaller and off to the side. I’m lucky I can wear zip hoodies with designs to work (as long as it’s not the NSFW) as it is cold in the office and even in the summer I wear something on my arms while in the office. I prefer the zip style so if I get called into an unexpected meeting, I can take off the zip hoodie and just freeze during the meeting. :wink:

Thanks @Froodyfrog for the info on unavailability of printing on the back. Good to know.

We do occasionally, we just get very few designs that would fit in this space, or it involves heavy design work to get it right that we just aren’t built for on the current volume of artwork we are handling.

Thank you! I had wondered why I had a zip front with a small design on front but hadn’t seen any since then. You always seem to be “in the know” so appreciate you letting me know.

Was fun last night, went over to the in-laws and of course we were wearing Woot Shirts — but father-in-law even had one on we bought him! Don’t see him in t-shirts very often so that was cool. Just received the Woot playing cards today — 2 gifts for the stockings this Christmas. I’ve officially begun shopping. Woot win! Have a great day!