Gorilla Gadgets Portable Battery Packs

I have an Asus Tablet (different connector but I have a USB that would work), will this battery provide a backup power source for the Asus Inifinity?

So… you need a plug-in usb device to charge the charger?

It doesn’t seem to have a plug to plug into the wall directly…

Not sure which one you’re looking at but I found this on the Gorilla site for the 8400mah Uhuru

What’s the best way to charge my Uhuru?

The best way to charge your Uhuru is using a USB wall charger rather than computers. (Get a fast charging dual USB wall charger here). Once plugged in you should see 4 blue lights start to blink. After all 4 light are solid you may unplug your device.

How long it will take for a full recharge?

The charging time will vary depending on the size of your unit. In general, your Uhuru could be recharged 1000mAh per hour. Please expect 3 hours charging time for the 2800mAh, 6 hours for the 5600mAh, 9 hours for the 8400mAh, 12 hours for the 11200mAh, and 17 hours for the 16800mAh model.

Hi, I bought one of these few weeks ago. The unit I got had a loose screw inside. I can hear it when I shake it. Please advice me what to do. Should I continue using it? I’m very afraid of charging it anymore. Might cause short circuit. How can I get it replace?

Sorry for the problem. You have a warranty with Gorilla Gadgets. Here’s a link to their customer service page:

Gorilla Gadgets Support

Any idea how long the 8400 will keep its power once fully charged and unused? Say I have it in my backpack or purse waiting for a cell phone emergency - how long before it loses it’s juice? I ask because a previous similar item by another maker dies from a full charge of 6400 to dead in less than a week, closer to 3-4 days which doesn’t make it very useful for unplanned battery charging. I checked the site but didn’t see a standby time given on the units. TT do you have someone you can ask?

I think this answers most of your question.

It will discharge over time. There are many variables that affect that so there’s no one answer to that question.

Comments on Amazon about Gorilla say the company has been sending out used units and units that fail within three months of delivery. What guarantees do buyers have?

I purchased one last December. It works fine for these months. The products on woot have same warranty in their own website which is 180-day free replacement.

Yes, we have 180-day free replacement warranty. Call them directly at 1-888-663-5998

We are selling new units. During the last sale, we had some concerns similar to this. What we found out is that Gorilla found some of their packaging had been damaged and they replace it with a new package. People thought they had been opened. They were new product.

Gorilla uses a clear plastic package that can scratch easily.

I use a cell phone charger that uses AA batteries for that reason. You can use rechargeable batteries or ordinary alkaline cells in them. I use the Tekkeon model with rechargeable low self-discharge Sanyo Eneloop 2000mAH batteries. They still have over 80% of their charge after 2 years. You can buy AA batteries at almost any store in an emergency. There’s a a variety of these products on the market. Eg:




don’t know where woot gets their “regular price” from… woot feels the need to inflate the regular price they show to make it seem like a monster deal, even though the woot prices are still cheaper than http://gorillagadgets.com/collections/portable-battery-packs
why lie woot? why lie?

I bought a 20,000 one on eBay for $15 from China. It will recharge my iPhone 4 twice. I expected more. 20,000 / 1400 = 14.3. How many times should one recharge something? Is my math appropriate or is there a better way to calculate recharges?

our vendors give us the list price. It’s part of the form they fill out to complete the PO. We don’t make them up.

I purchased the 8400 a few weeks ago. I like it, no slip grip and all. Works fine generally. It charged my Razr M about 2.5 times the first charge. I was sorta hoping to get more out of it but really that is worth it to me for the price.

Give or take some energy lost to heat etc. your math is fine. The answer to your question is in the quote above (with my added punctuation).

Thanks. That is what I thought. Luckily I got my $15’s worth but nothing near what was advertised!

Thanks for the tip! I need something that will work when I need it.