Gotham Steel 20-PC Bakeware and Cookware Set

Gotham Steel 20-PC Bakeware and Cookware Set

Starts off great, then goes down hill, despite early statements there is only a 90 day guarantee. If you use the dishwasher there goes the no stick, if you use high temps, there goes the no stick Price aint bad, but i have a bunch of pieces and have already thrown out large pan, and the grill pan. Real hard to get sear on the meat if you cant get it too hot


I’ve heard this high temperature warning with these pans before. I have one and use it exclusively for eggs and frittatas but I cook them on medium heat and have never had a problem with sticking. Just wondering if anyone else can verify the high heat destruction phenomenon that you reference. This seems like a good deal for the whole set but I wouldn’t want to throw my money away if this happens all the time.

Yeah…I can second that issue. I have one pan I tried searing a steak in and it has a permanent non-stick spot in the middle. If you keep the temperatures under 400 it seems to be fine, but I have at least one pan that is eligible for being thrown out due to the high heat non-stick issue.

I have the one large deep square one that has the deep fry basket (& a couple of other things came other methods of cooking) and have only used it for deep frying fish, meat pies, boudin balls, etc. (Yes, I am in the South) It’s been terrific! Never any problems and I’ve been using it for at least 4 years. I later bought the square flat griddle to do things like grilled cheese and French toast and again, no issues. Granted, I have to wash in the dishpan because I seem to always be cursed with a spouse who just refuses to install a dishwasher. That situation is fixing to be resolved though one way or another.

Now I have some Tramontina from Sam’s Club that are exactly as y’all describe. The nonstick is peeling etc etc and they aren’t but about a year older.

I really appreciate you Wooters A LOT! Your feedback on products is honest and straightforward and truly helps me make informed decisions.

Thank you


The same will happen with pretty much any non-stick cookware on the market. Searing and anything else requiring high temps should be done with cast iron or stainless steel. There are some in the market that say they can hold up high temps, but not in my experience.

These are a nice set and hard to beat at this price point though. Just spend a little extra for a cast iron searing pan and you’re all set.


I bought 2 of the 10" frying pans directly from Gotham. It took 2 months to receive them (and they never sent any correspondence about the order or shipping, and never responded to 3 emails I sent them).
Anyways, the second time I used the frying pan, the eggs stuck badly. I even seasoned the pans, but that didn’t help. I am still using them, but MUST use at least some butter or oil every time, or whatever I’m cooking will stick.One of the pans has a little warp to it, and rocks on my flat burner.
I never go much above medium low heat. And I don’t use a dishwasher. And I do not use cooking sprays.

It’s true. My MIL ruined my 2 Gotham frying pans by having the heat too high. It’s a shame because they worked great before then.

There’s a lot of complaints on this thread about these pans but I’ve had a set for a few years. They work great for me. They clean up better than stainless steel pans and you don’t have to worry about scratching them like Teflon pans. With a little nonstick spray, butter or oil I’ve never had issues with food sticking.

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Just wanna make this one comment.
Gotham Steel pans are not steel. Sounds odd, yeah? The only steel part of them is the handle.

I bought some and then discovered that they won’t work on an induction stove ( which requires iron ).
Who knew? (not me… not then). So… that’s said now :slight_smile:

Ezaxtly. Thank you!