Gotham Steel Deep Square Frying Pan Set

The recipe booklet shown with the pan, lid, fry basket and steaming rack should be, but is not included. You can download the recipes from the internet, for which the box provides the web address.

This pan is essentially the same as the Copper Chef and Red Copper pans, advertised with infomercials, but at a better price here. It has the stainless steel induction plate which allows it to work very well on induction cooktops.

The lid is a little too large to fit the square, shallow Copper Chef fry pans.

I have bought several of the Gotham sets, keeping one for me and giving the others as gifts. Everyone loves the sets, but they did not include this pan. I live alone and don’t make much from scratch, but may still opt to buy 3 of these due to how much I love my other Gotham pots and pans.

FYI, I use one of the frying pans every morning for cooking eggs and rarely even wash it. I just heat it up before using and wipe the pan with a paper towel.

If that seems gross, then you were probably not a fry cook in a restaurant in the 70s. :slight_smile:

I have one of the skillets and LOVE it. Absolutely nothing sticks to it!!! I have wanted the Deep Square Frying Pan so badly but wouldn’t spend $100 on it. $40??? Bought it!! Can’t wait to get it.