Gozney Roccbox Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

Gozney Roccbox Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

What are the Interior dimensions?

Never mind…according to the website: the cooking floor dimensions are 12.4 x 13.4
Too small for a large pizza.


I’m a bit concerned that even in the picture the show the dough burning before it’s fully cooked. O.o This thing looks more like a forge or something.


We have one of these and LOVE it! It makes amazing pizzas and fast. We also use it at the end of the night and make s’mores on the pizza peel. We have had it for over six years and got it when it was a kickstarter (and paid a lot more then). We cook with wood using the wood burner and love the wood fired flavor it gives the pizza. For a tip, we often use the propane burner to bring the oven up to temp then switch to the wood for cooking. This saves time, wood, and is easier as you don’t have to “tend” it the whole time it is heating up. Highly recommend this thing!

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I have had for over 3 years and this thing is a beast and the pizza come out great. At these high temperatures you need to spin asap when in the oven. By the way, I bought this one from woot because somebody felt that they needed it better than me and stole it from my backyard. I bought this from woot and the price is awesome.

I’ve had this for years and never once used the wood burner, because I read it didn’t get hot enough. Hadn’t considered heating it up with propane and then switching. Good idea!
Also, I think they’ve improved the wood burner in the last couple years, for anyone considering…

As long as this one ships with wood burner 2.0. I have the older wood burner which has a much smaller capacity. Can someone from woot confirm if it comes with older wood burner or the new one?

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I don’t think it comes with any wood burner, just gas.

Gozney Roccbox comes complete with a gas burner as standard, and the option to buy a detachable wood burner as an additional accessory.


As @catsrules1 noted, it doesn’t come with the wood burner. That is a separate $100 accessory.

Video time!

I own an Ooni Karu portable pizza oven, and while not the Gozney Roccbox the principle and performance are the same. We love making our own pizza in it, but there are a few things you have to understand before you dive into this.

First - If you are used to (or even prefer) frozen pizzas cooked in an household oven then you need to know that this oven does not make those types of pizza. At this ultra-high cooking temperature of 700-900F, your pizza will be done in 90-120 SECONDS, not the slow 15-20 minutes a frozen pizza requires at 375-400F a household oven will produce. If you are familiar with and enjoy genuine Italian-style pizza with a bit of char, puffy crust, and only a few toppings then these ovens are PERFECT for that.

Second - The temperature of the base stone is just as important as the temperature of the air inside the oven. If you don’t let your oven preheat properly then your stone won’t be hot enough to cook and crisp the bottom of your pizza. At that point, leaving the pizza in the oven longer won’t help because the top will burn before the bottom gets brown.

Third - You CANNOT walk away from this oven when you are cooking a pizza!. Typically you will need to turn your pizza every 30 SECONDS or it will burn on the far end nearest the flame. Knowing that, you will also need a “turning peel” which is smaller in diameter and helps turn the pizza while cooking, as well as a “launching peel” which is wider for putting in and taking out your pizza.

Fourth - These ovens are a learning process. There are the “Three T’s” that you will have to experiment with to get things to your liking - Temperature, Time and Turning. As a beginner myself, I can also recommend cheating a bit with your dough… Several supermarkets near me have bakeries that sell fresh-made pizza dough both in a ball as well as already flattened, which is a great way to experiment with your new pizza oven without having to also go through all the work of also making your own dough until you get the cooking process down pat.

Hope this all helps!


Depending on the type, wood burns anywhere from 900F to 2000F, while propane burns at around 3600F. Since these portable type pizza ovens only need to get to around 750F to properly cook then it is more a matter of time and technique to properly heat up the oven and not the fact you are using wood as the fuel.

Unless it’s included with the wood burner kit, the Roccbox doesn’t come with an insulated front door nor a chimney with adjustable flue like my Ooni Karu oven does specifically for use with wood. That being said, if given the choice between the gas burner or wood burner (I have both) I would choose the gas because it is sooo much easier to deal with, even if it doesn’t impart that nice wood-smoky flavor to the pizza while cooking.

Is there any chance this oven will be back on stock in woot or there is no point waiting?

Well, it sold out so that’s good news. Means we’d have interest in selling it again if our vendor can get more inventory. Not sure when that will be though.

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