GrandTec FLX-2000 Virtually Indestructible Silicone Flexible Computer Keyboard, Black, USB, 109 Keys

This…is a typo, right? These are like 12 bucks on the mothership…

I’ve seen these used before in situations where the keyboards were expected to get dirty, and they hold up pretty well, but several were fried when a floor above flooded and they got rained on. Not just ingress from the PC end of the cable, as in a few cases the computers they were connected to remained dry and functional afterward. They’ll probably live through a spill, but probably not through sitting in half an inch of water overnight.

Yeah, how are these different from the ones sold for under $20 that come rolled in a plastic tube and are like pounding on marshmellows?

Yeah seriously - price? WT*?

$28 free shipping for the exact same thing on Amazon.

?? Maybe it comes with some “afternoon delight”?

I bet it was meant to be $10.99, but somebody needs a new keyboard because the “1” key sticks.

Eventually someone at Woot will wonder why they haven’t sold a single one of the buggers yet and fix it! :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s “Market Research.”

This price has been fixed. Thanks, Wooters!