green grotto, part IV



Uhhh… Hello?


Hi Dave!



Actually, I click woot & only get forums.
Does Woot still sell stuff?


Try clicking here:


Cluck Cluck…
Change is bad.

Cluck Cluck


ps… Do I want clucking notifications? Is that clucking emails, texts?

So many decisions for a rooster…
cluck cluck




Took me a while to get back to woot. Then a bit longer to go thru wootybot’s tutorial. And longer yet to get here. All after 1am. What am I doing? The alarm goes off in 4 hours. Who needs a sleep study? I know why I’m tired.


i know!!! i was just finally good at the old way. shit, chicken.

Image result for i hate change gif


i don’t like the like buttons at all.

and where is the preview “button”??? i like the preview button!!!

Image result for what the hell is this gif



this should be moving…



this one too.

why are they not moving???


ok, i have a headache now.

Image result for this is very scary gifs


Thursday greens!!


That seems to be speeded up. hm. I need to be sleeping.


Good Morning.


Good Morning Dave!


Hey TRJ.

OK. The ‘like’ thing.

If I don’t go and click on everyone’s ‘like’ heart thing…

Are people gonna take it personal?



Naw, Over on meh they don’t. You only get 50 a day anyway–I burned through all of mine last night being all willy-nilly with them.


I gotta say though, this layout looks like shit on my big, wide screen laptop. Maybe it looks better on a phone. Last night on my tablet it looked better in portrait mode rather than landscape mode.