H.P. Minecraft

Where is the money when you need them?? xD

I remember you!
Sneaky shirt, printing all sneaky like.
Congrats on the sell, Orabbit!

You can name this shirt…redemption.

redundant, but yes, creepy ; )

Orabbit’s second print at woot! Congratulations!

Second print? This is the first time I can remember being printed. :wink:

This mash-up was inspired by my son, who is obsessed with Minecraft. Lovecraft, not so much, but give him time.

I hope you enjoy it!

Ia ia, why must you tempt me so.

So what determines if a design gets to be a hoodie, Woot?

Awesome mash-up, by the way.

It’s on the Features tab:

Pullover Hoodie

Design Placement: Centered

Design Size:
2X - L: 11.47” x 11.54”
M - S: 9.00” x 9.04”

This is awesome! My son is a huge Minecraft fan. He will love this.

I wonder how much damage this thing would do if it exploded next to the house I spent a day building.

I believe the question was more philosophical. i.e. what makes a design a hoodie candidate.

Oh yay! I remember seeing this in it’s infancy, a vision in my mind’s eye, while still it slept below the milky tides, shroaded in dark mystery…

I am glad the blocks aligned, and thus, the creature was awakened!

Grats on your second print O…

:slight_smile: (the first one being the crazy nesting doll shirt…)

nice to see this print–congrats orabbit!

Glad you kept working on this idea, great print!

Congrats orabbit. :^)

Congrats orabbit! I guess you weren’t kidding when you said that this design had found a home! :slight_smile:

Put the cthulhu back in x-mas. He died for your sins, buying this shirt is the least you can do.

I think he doesn’t want to acknowledge that one… :wink:

Extremely tempted but I think the mashup would go above heads. I’m not into explaining my clothing


(twas sleepy this morn… sorry O)