"Hamilton" Office Chair - Black

Am I the only one who doesn’t know what “LeatherPlus” is? Bonded leather?

How many hours of sitting are these chairs rated for?

Per Amazon: LeatherPlus is a bonded leather. It is a mixture of leather and polyurethane.


I had a very similar chair by the same company and it was a p.o.s. I had issues with it within 3 months, and the warranty department was a nightmare as well. I wish I could have gotten my money back. Threw it i the trash within a year and you probably will too.

Pleather? haha

I really messed up on this one. Horrible quality, cover over the spring was broken off. I really had hopes for this chair, but I was deluding myself that something this inexpensive could have quality. VERY UNHAPPY that I wasted money on this thing, and I’m really thinking about not getting anymore items from Woot. It just seems like they are selling junk.