Hand Blown Wine Decanter


i JUST bought one of these
off amazon for $40
its nice, German blown glass
but seriously woot i needed this last week!

Ahhh, I requested one for the holidays. To buy or not to buy…Hmmmm…

These decanters are BY FAR the best on the market. If I didn’t already have one – plus a Riedel Zin decanter that my parents got me in a 6.1 set for Chanukkah – I’d get more. I just have nowhere to put it.

This decanter rocks! (tdirish is a way better guesser than smlauren)

I’ve been needing one of these. Thanks woot!

“How about a nice decanter…or three?”

<Hey, I just bought two recently to give as presents…good gifts.>

These are beautiful, and very practical as well!

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In for one…thanks, WD.

“Easily handles up to two bottles of wine”
Thats my kinda girl

I’m up to three decanters. Do I need another? I think not.

Okay, I could really use a decanter and this one looks lovely, plus I like the price BUT…

How the hell do you clean the inside with such a small opening?!?!?

Note: I do not own a dishwasher. :frowning:

Too bad it does not conform to the 2007 gift guidance requirement…

…dang lead-free crystal

Use rice and cold water. Seriously.

I have been needing one and I am hoping that Woot’s quality is the same on this decanter. I am still loving the humbug. Perhaps it was the bottle in the picture for comparison that sold me.

Hot water, Soap, hot water, swish really really well, hot water. Any questions?

Rinse it really well with very hot water as soon as you’re finished with it. Don’t allow any wine to dry in it and it’s very easy to clean. Alternately, you can get a decanter brush or decanter beads - a string of metal beads that you swirl around inside the decanter. You can also buy various tools for drying decanters. Maybe we’ll get a decanter care set tomorrow.

Looks like it is $6 off the side deal from a while ago. If it is still here in the AM, I’ll likely be picking one up. Decisions decisions!

I had a feeling this decanter would be offered this week. It’s gotten very good reviews here so I’m in for one.

a baby bottle brush…