Hantech Tablo for Laptops

Do not buy if you’re planning on drawing comics. it constantly gets out of calibration.

No, it’s not Mac compatible. :B

what the truck is this dick?

Learn to matter.

I’ll stick with my tried and true iPad.

beasy22 - get a life.

so you actually have to use the pen on your screen? I wouldn’t like that, besides it’s 17" so i guess mine’s a little too big anyway

Something for all those batteries Woot sent out in the last Box of Cookies.


Dang, now I’m wishing I’d played with the one I bought when the first batch was $40/each, so I’d know if I want more or not :frowning:

even though I have a wacom, I find this very interesting, considering I draw a great deal on my laptop. Can anyone confirm or deny the usability of this? Because there are days I wish I didn’t have to haul around the wacom with me (I have one of the larger ones, so it requires a huge ass carrying bag for the lappy and tablet)

Do you enjoy the ipad as much as you thought you would?

she didn’t say that.

If you want my opinion (probably not) they won’t roll out the Busted Old Chevys till tomorrow. But then again what do I know?

Its not even a three months old, how can it be “tried & true”?

can you LEARN to matter?

don’t flatter yourself

it seems like drawing comics would be the easiest type of drawing, so does that definitely rule out graphic design?