Harvest Moon Mixed Zinfandel (4)

Harvest Moon Mixed Zinfandel 4-Pack
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2013 Pitts Home Ranch Estate Zinfandel, Russian River Valley
2013 Russian River Valley Zinfandel, Sonoma County

I think i had both of these wines while at the winery in February and enjoyed both quite a bit. My notes from The day are buried in a pile of boxes. My wife and I got to spend the tasting with Randy who was a pleasure to meet.

What’s up Wooters,

This zin duo represents some of my favorite zins I’ve made in the past years. Peppery, spicy, floral. If you’ve never experienced the cool-climate zin, I recommend this deal. I’m not sure I’ll offer the Pitts Home Ranch Zin here again as it’s my flagship and I don’t offer this kind of deep discount with my best zins.

I look forward to answering any q’s.


Since I missed the barrel tasting event the last couple years I haven’t had this vintage yet. I’ve always gone in when tasting from barrel and will certainly go in here. Randy makes fantastic Zin, unless you prefer the fruit-bomb style. This is elegant and restrained with more finesse than you get with other Zins. Maybe Scott Harvey’s Reserve or Vineyard 1869 are decent comparisons for style, but warmer climate gives it a different personality.

Not to mention the 2009 non-estate was one of our Wedding wines, and molarchae secured a nice vertical of the late harvest Zins. So yeah…we are fans of Randy’s work. Not to mention he’s been great to chat with in person and has always treated us really well. Great wine, great guy - what’s not to like?

In for two, siwbm be damned!

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Get buying guys…this is a great opportunity!

Yeah, this is great zin. In fact I think it was a bottle harvest moon that suckered me into the world of zin.

I’m 2nd sucker? After it’s been up nearly seven hours? It’s been a while since I’ve had any HM, looking forward to this!

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Hi All,

Excited first time Grape Debater here! Wine arrived on Thursday – my Wife and I enjoyed the Russian River on Friday but waited to open and taste the Pitts Home Ranch until Mother’s Day.

2013 Russian River Valley Zinfandel

Poured a couple of glasses through an aerator and both agreed the color was medium garnet and clear. On the nose, there were hints of spice, berry and my wife also added a hint of tobacco. First taste I noted blackberry and pepper. Both agreed this is a medium bodied wine. Wife thought the wine to be nicely balanced and I noted that it was fairly dry. We both agreed that this wine is smooth, easy drinking and would definitely enjoy having it again.

2013 Pitts Home Ranch Estate Zinfandel

Upon first pour through an aerator, color would best be described as a light garnet and was clear. It looked to both of us to be slightly lighter in color than other recent Zinfandels we’ve had. As far as the nose goes, my wife described it as woodsy and herby and we both detected aromas of blackberry, black cherry and pepper. My reaction upon first taste was “Wow!” – it was far brighter and bolder tasting than its color would indicate and the pepper is definitely up front with some hints of dark fruit in the background. Tannins were very firm on first taste but settled very nicely after a few minutes in the glass. My wife described the wine as very smooth with notes of apricot, green and black peppercorn with hints of tobacco and rose petal. The wine continued to evolve over the course of an hour or so and we both agreed that time in the glass or decanting would be recommended to get it to it’s perfect balance. We saved half the bottle which we enjoyed last night and the wine evolved even further. The strong pepper remained but there were more dark fruit flavors that were noticeable. Still very nicely dry, the balance and nice long finish on this wine on day 2 was amazing and we both agreed that this is one fine Zin! Thanks Wine David and fellow Wooters for letting us share!

Can I assume for the RRV SC (not Pitts) the bottling date from the specs page is a misprint?

Bottled: May 3, 2013

Noticed that too. Website specs show bottled 5/13/15


The woot monkey made a surprise visit last week and dropped off two bottles of HM Zinfandel! It jus happens tha zins are my favorite varietal. Below are my notes.

The two bottles were truly a tale of two cities

2013 RRV Zin
Color: ruby red with slight haze
Aroma: not much at PnP, lots of alcohol in the nose. It opened up day 2 with hints of pepper and raspberry but still somewhat closed
Wine had medium body with tart acidity and medium tannins
Taste: again, alcohol dominated day 1 and subside PD somewhat day 2. Wine was tRt with some red fruit, maybe raspberry or cranberry?

Verdict: I wanted to like this since I have enjoyed some of Randy’s wines in the past but found it somewhat disjointed. Too much alcohol and. It enough fruit. It was decent but I would not search it out.

I guessed $25 at winery and $15 in woot would be a fair price.

2013 Harvest Moon RRV Pitts Home Ranch
Color: medium ruby leaning towards garnet with a slight haze
Nose: very strong aroma of nutmeg, hibiscus, jalapeño peppers and bright red fruits…could smell it a good 12 inches from the glass. Nice
It had tart acidity with medium, well integrated tAnnins
Taste: delicious! And elegant, cool climate Zinfandel with lots of bright red fruit, again, raspberries and cranberries, with a nice finish.

We paired it with a ribeye, baked potatoes, and creamed spinach and the wine was a delightful pairing!

SWMBO loved it!

The nose reminded me of one of my favorite zins from long time ago made by Wilson winery from the Tory vineyards in dry creek. Jalapeño peppers all around!

My guess: $35-40 winery. $25 woot price. Great QPR

I’m out

Interesting…two rather different reports. My experience with Harvest Moon Zin is much closer to the first report than the second. Especially the peppercorn aromas, which I’ve always noted in these wines when younger.

Also, these wines age very well.

I need a proofreader to help out here…

may 2015

I’ve updated the specs tab to reflect the correct info. Thanks for helping out Randy!

Thanks. These two wines are selling very well right now in my tasting room at $36 and $54 respectively and since they’re hitting an incredible place, I thought I’d offer them here. We’ll see if wooters take this opportunity to add some tasty cool-climate zins to their collection.

This is a rare deal I won’t be offering again at this price point.

Randy, i have no idea what UMX hybrid barrels are. Can you shed a little light?

Wild guess. Unbalanced mix of toast levels?

Wooters, If your state is not on the list, call the winery direct and we may be able to help get the wine to you!