Has anyone thought of this before?


Well, obviously everyone doesn’t live in central time, even though life would be easier if they did, but for folks like me and billions of others, does anyone else think it’d be a good idea to have the current central time posted on the main page. Or perhaps a timer that says when the next woot will change. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has thought of this, but but I used the forum seach for key words and nothing came up. I just thought this would be a good idea, but not a tacky timer or time… something that looks classy with the site.


Do you live in Hawaii?


Hong Kong? happy new year!


Bizarro World? Merry Arbor Day.


Bizarro World would be paradise… I live all the way in New Jersey unfortunately. A whole timezone away.

No one mentioned anything about my idea…


Possibly because no one can figure out why you don’t just subtract 1 from whatever time it is in your home to come up with Woot time. Am I missing something?


What’s “subtract” mean?


personally, I find it easier to add an hour to central time to figure out what time the new woot is coming up. By the way, for Eastern time, its 1:00 A.M.


Yes, but he doesn’t know what time it is in central time.


Oh, my, you have a point there.

However, he could always go up in his settings and choose his own Woot time (which if he hasn’t done so, he is on Zulu time, thus it can be really confusing because you have to add 5 hours to your own time, then add another hour for Central time).

I am from the Land of Misfits, in case anyone was wondering.


I think everyone knew.


[;)] Great to have that verified. Whew.


Ace is gonna be mad at you!


//sets burning hornets after tennbeekeeper.


Which is apparently in The South…


I guess that would make sense… I don’t know, I just thought a timer or something would make the next woot even more anticipated.


Regardless of Time Zone, it would be great to have a Woot Time posted on the front page. That way you know when Woot thinks it’s midnight, not when your watch (that always runs slow) or your computer (that your brother always dorks with the time on, just to mess up your ebaby bidding) tells you.


That isn’t a bad idea. My computer clock loses a couple minutes and then gains them back a few days later. My battery operated clock gains time. The clock on my telephone I think is right, but could be off by 59 seconds. An official Woot clock on the home page might be very nice.


Maybe they oughta randomize launch times . . . and just piss everyone off.


Then we’d have to have a telephone tree. When I saw a Woot, I’d call you, and you’d call the next person, and on and on. Unless it was a Bag of Crap, then I’d call you after I ordered 3.