Hawk Scout Aqua Scooter

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Hawk Scout Aqua Scooter
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Hawk SH-150.1 Scout Aqua Scooter

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It’s high-tech Baywatch!

I want one… but, I have absolutely no use for one. Nor does anyone I know…

$ 149 and $200 on google shopping, respectfully.

Not for the pool, great for the ocean. Doubt you landlocked wooters will have much use for this unless you’re near a large, clear lake.


Does anyone have a video or picture of this thing in action? I don’t see how this works…

how long does the battery last?

Is this that thing to where you don’t need to know how to swim because it’ll swim for you? So to speak



Max Speed (approx): 3 MPH


Why do they sell a swimming item with a 90 day warranty in the winter? I might get my lard tush in the water in 75 to 80 days!

Is this thing going to go fast? or just at a medium pace?

P.S. most of the other aqua scooter type things on Amazon are at least twice this price.

Can Human not do anything for themselves anymore?

It does look like fun, but this is a total waste of $100 unless you do some scuba diving or something.

Hey! I can use this in my basement! With all of the damn flooding around here in the chicagoland area, I’m sure this will sell like hotcakes.

Who ever decided that hotcakes were synonymous with fast?

This is like a human torpedo… minus the super speed.

too much money for something I might use only once a year or so in the summer

Whoooa, didn’t know that these could be had for $100. If only the water around here isn’t uncomfortably cold most of the year. :\

hmmm… I’m strangely tempted

I only have one thing to say…


I have 8 of them,gas is the only way to go…

I’ve only used one once, and it was mainly to just mess around…

but for those interested, here’s a quick froogle


Does this assemble quickly and easily? The zoomed-in picture looks like it’s somewhat complicated to assemble.