HEAD Men's Athletic Socks 20-Pairs

I’ve ordered these before. WAY too thin.

FryGuy is right on it…way too thin. They develop holes quite quickly because of this

Wish I had seen this comment before I ordered. Just got them, and I agree, they are way too thin.

So is it thin? I would get it if it was thick… but not thin

Wishing i had read these comments. Just received them and they are waaayyy too thin

Thin sock will be perfect for my autistic son. It’s hard to get him sock in winter.

Seen Fryguys reviews and still ordered them. :frowning: shame on me. thinner than business socks, mines are actually see through

I bought these almost a year ago to the day. They lasted a year for me, which isn’t bad at all considering. Probably going to buy another set, 20 pairs for $15.00 isn’t bad for a year wear.

Yes, they are thin but I like them especially in the summer.

Very thin socks :frowning: Way too big as well!