HEAD Men's Power Hood, 3 Colors

If you’re a Prime member you can buy this same jacket on Amazon for $24.99 w/free shpg., so the final price is the same as here, however I like their color selections much better (unless it’s just the photos show the colors better) and I get free returns! I know color is a matter of personal preference and I have a weak spot for HEAD’s Nine Iron color, but IMO I like Amazon’s Navy/Nine Iron (what I bought) a bit better than Navy/Grey, but they also have a Nine Iron/Black which is also so good looking that I had a heck of time deciding. To be honest I can’t really tell what the 2nd color is on the Navy here. It looks grey to me but maybe it’s Nine Iron and it’s just the colors in the photo are off. It’s odd that they don’t tell us what the secondary color is on these. This seems to be an excellent deal but before you buy you may want to consider looking at Amazon’s options, especially if you’re a Prime member, or because well, free returns on Woot … forget about it! Even if you aren’t a Prime member you may opt to spend the slight bit extra for their color options and/or to get free returns. And one last FYI, the lead page of this offering says the list is $60, and it is for two out of the three, but both show the list price for this jacket as $70, probably because of the hood, but anyway, still a slightly better deal I guess … you know, more for the money and all that. Oh, and really the final FYI, if you were wondering as I was, there is a small zippered pocket on the left chest in addition to the hand pockets (no zippers), none of which are mentioned here.