HELM Audio Bolt DAC/AMP USB-C to 3.5mm with MQA Playback

HELM Audio Bolt DAC/AMP USB-C to 3.5mm with MQA Playback

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Ugh… so glad I bought this from Amazon 2 weeks ago… for $14 more :unamused:

Buyer beware: it doesn’t fully cooperate with Android. Yes, it works, mostly, BUT - because of certain software limitations within Android you won’t get full volume out of your device unless the app you’re using allows software volume control. And most Android music apps rely on Android OS for that, the one exception I know of being USB Audio Pro (which is $8 and is pretty much only useful for Tidal and other relatively obscure audiophile streaming apps, if you’re into that scene).

Apparently there used to be a workaround where you could max the software volume using USB Audio Pro, close it, and use whatever music app you prefer with the phone’s hardware volume controls, but that no longer works with newer versions of the app.

U are disuading people from buying a great device with your comment.

Tidal has been quietly rolling out softeare updates to work with external DAC’s properly. while i am not sure about this one i would believe it has already been integrated or soon will be…UAPP is still the better player with Tidal integrated. When using the tidal app you will know when the app has been updated for the DAC. it will ask if you allow the app to work with your device.

One downside with UAPP and Tidal u cannot play songs offline.

This is a great device from reviews i have read and also a better price than woot’s parent storefront, Amazon.

Yes, I am trying to dissuade people from buying it if those people don’t use Tidal and USB Audio Pro. I use Amazon Music HD, and you can’t get full volume from it. Unfortunately it’s just shy of being a great device thanks to that pretty serious limitation.

Bought this but they sent me the old version, have to return it

Hi there. Could you explain more? Is there something incorrect in our sale info or photos?