HERSHEY'S Build-A-Santa XL Bar, 12-Pack

HERSHEY'S Build-A-Santa XL Bar, 12-Pack

Are these shipped with cold packs?

That’s up to Amazon but likely not. We’re helping them move out the chocolates before summer.

counting on fingers jan, feb, mar, april, may

From 2021, we hope? :slight_smile:

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Ha! Only in winter.

$0.25/oz is par for Hershey’s milk chocolate in most forms. Larger bars (as opposed to Kisses and Nuggets) tend to be on the high side of $0.25. Ex: Mothership has Kisses in 38.5oz bag for $9.49 = $0.246/oz (last week was $8.49, BTW… use price alerts!)

Pink foil kisses currently offered here are $0.24/oz
Blue foil one are $0.30/oz, which is a lot of $$ for foil that gets thrown away.

Best deal lately was the red foio 66.67oz bag here on Woot at $12.99 = $0.195/oz

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