Hey guys why is the woot delivery so slow? [resolved]

Hey guys,

Why is the woot delivery so slow. I ordered Microsoft headphones
And they are yet to arrive. The same headphones were approximately $30 more with Amazon prime (2 days shipping). Is it worth the wait?

Order #689xxxx

Order Date: Mar 4, 2021

Order Status: Shipped

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Hard to determine worth to others. Sometimes for me waiting a little extra time, to save money, is preferable however there are times where speed is required and I will spend more money to make it happen.


I must be close to the warehouses because all my woots have been delivered within a week. They’re faster then Amazon .

The status says it’s shipped, according to what you pasted above. Have you tracked it? Is it still moving or is it stuck? You might call whichever carrier it’s going through to see if you can get more information.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)


I second @peaceetc

If it was shipped, you should have a tracking number and be able to see where it is on the map or at least en route. Some stuff gets sent from a Woot or Amazon warehouse and some stuff is sent directly from the Vendor. (Occasionally I’ll even see a “fulfilled by Amazon” symbol on some items.)

For items that seem to be stuck in the “preparing for shipment” phase, reach out to customer service. Account → support → where’s my stuff.

I ordered a TV on the deals and shipping has been delayed over 2 weeks at this point with no actual ETA in place either.

I could have gone down to Best Buy and paid a little more and had the TV right away!

Not sure but we can do two things. Ask @lioncow if she can look into her magic ball for an update and blame @davejlives.

I only tag DJ on the off-chance he might know.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)

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My Woot orders have all been unbelievably slow. I just got a notice that my last order had been shipped after 9 days. Actually all they have done is create the shipping label. No telling when it will arrive. Do not use them is you need your items quickly.

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Yeah, we focus on price and sometimes the shipping is a bit slower but we try hard. Those staffing shortages and shipping delays are real.

All that said, you’re getting them on Monday.

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Sometimes things from Woot come too fast.

I need that cooling off period to forget about all that money I didn’t mean to spend. But hey, surprise popcorn poppers are pretty great.

I have found that most of my orders from Woot! arrive within 2 days. Love the next day deliveries!

Depends on where they’re shipping from. Amazon ships pretty fast [mostly]. Our vendors can vary.

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What’s going on Woot!?

I have never had an item that I ordered canceled that was not an immediate thing during a Woot-Off or other limited item however I just received a cancelation email for an order that I placed a week ago. The added insult to injury is that I had used a coupon code towards the purchase. That won’t be “returning to my original payment method.” :rage:

On top of that disappointment another item that I ordered a few days before that didn’t ship for a week & still isn’t here. :turtle: That is another 1st for me as Woot! orders generally get to me pretty quickly. :rabbit2: And no @ThunderThighs , the item is Amazon Basics Batteries so it’s not an outside vendor issue. :disguised_face: Lol

Hi there. Could be lots of things.

The canceled item was from Amazon. Looks like we ran out of inventory for it.

The batteries show to be arriving tomorrow. While Amazon is fast a lot of the time, they are also hit by staffing issues.

Thanks for the digging. I guess am I really just crapped out of my $15 coupon that I used?

Nah, let me see what I can do. Our clunky system isn’t automated so it has to be recreated manually. It’ll be Monday before I can get hold of someone though.


That’s no excuse to delay delivery or have standard delivery to us prime member. We should get the fastest delivery. Maybe we should boycott woot

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Are you suggesting that Woot delayed the shipping because you’re a Prime member?

You’re only entitled to standard shipping with Prime on Woot. It’s all spelled out in the terms and conditions.


Some people here are forgetting that Woot! is not Amazon, only “owned” by Amazon. Saving the shipping costs is a benefit that Woot! extends to Prime members, they don’t really have to provide it. Additionally, as it has been explained consistently by TT, shipping speeds tend to be set by the vendors and may be directly proportional to how far a purchaser lives away from a shipping center and is factored by the means of shipping provider used, not by Woot! directly in most cases. In some cases, when Amazon is the vendor, I had received merchandise in one day; however, I live closer to one of the main Amazon shipping centers for common Amazon goods.

If you feel the need to boycott Woot! due to your own inabilities to consider these factors, do whatever floats your boat. Woot! still offers a valuable cost saving service to most of its customers and most of us will continue to shop here.