High Sierra Piranha 10L Hydration Packs

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High Sierra Piranha 10L Hydration Packs
Price: $24.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Mar 02 to Tuesday, Mar 03) + transit
Condition: New


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1/25/2015 - $27.99 - Click To See Discussion (19 comments)

Comments from a previous sale

Time to check out the product page and let’s learn all about the warranty and all about High Sierra

These are really 2L packs, not 10L. Got burned a few weeks ago on a similarly titled item. 8L (L = liters) is a big difference.

The backpack itself is 10L. The bladder is only 2L.

I’m sorry, but the listing should say 2L and not 10L. Nobody buys a hydration pack on the size of the pack itself. This is 100% an exercise in marketing. I like to believe that makers of outdoors products are above such tactics.

$20 on amazon

Nothing wrong with the title of the listing. Liters is a common measurement of bag capacity in outdoor gear. Your inability to read the product information on your previous order is not a mark against the manufacturer. And yes, people buying a hydration pack also want to know the capacity of the bag itself. A day hiker will need more space than a runner.

I did not order it before. Of course people will want to know the capacity of the bag itself. I never stated or implied otherwise. Those who are in the market for a hydration pack are usually interested in the bladder size before the actual bag size.

Last time a hydration pack was offered on woot, I was under the impression it was the bladder capacity in the title. I went to read more about it and discovered that it was the bag size, not the bladder size. Otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered. As I said, an exercise in marketing (in the same way that Pyrex food storage sets may come with 6 bowls/containers but are labeled as 12-piece sets because the inclusion of the lid allows them to be deceptive but not outright lie).

No shipping to APO on this. It must include a lithium-ion battery and/or weigh over 70 lbs.

care to post the link? All I see is $27.29 – which is still a better deal given woot’s return policy and $5 shipping, but it’s not $20.

Sorry, but I’d side with the previous poster. The product is not being marketed as a backpack. it’s being marketed as a “10L HYDRATION Pack.” Most people logically presume the word “hydration” to mean fluids.

If, as you noted, you can read the product information to discern the size of the bladder, you could also read the product information to discern the size of the bag. If the product is being sold on the merits of the bladder, the size of the bladder is paramount to the size of the bag.

The heading of the sale is, at best, misleading, and at worst, disingenuous.

The nozzle is junk. The High Sierra sent me a free replacement, of which I had the same issue later on.

The issue is that it leaks, sometimes slowly, sometimes a lot.

This is cold.

HOWEVER, the pack is great! Love it and it is exactly what I was looking for when I bought here last time. I recommend getting a Platypus bladder replacement.

It was $20 at the time that was posted. It was probably adjusted to make this seem like a deal.

Almost bought one until I read this information. Very deceiving.

I wont buy anything from a manufacturer that misrepresents their product. Looks like a 2 L hydration pack to me.
Decided not to buy, thanks to all who posted.

I’m sorry but this is completely untrue - every backpack sold is sold as the number of liters of capacity of the backpack. This is not about marketing or “tactics” this is and has been the industry standard for backpacks.

Furthermore, no one makes a 10L hydration bladder for a backpack - that’s about 22lbs of water… the largest standard size of a hydration bladder is 3L. This is not a misleading listing - nor does it even fall into the category of annoying marketing tactic like listing 10-piece sets of pots and pans when half the “pieces” are tops. A hydration pack is the type of backpack that this is because it is hydration compatible. It’s volume is 10L. The hydration bladder volume is 2L.

tl;dr this is not misleading at all and no one in their right mind should be trying to carry 22lbs of water in a tiny backpack (or even really for 99% of normal backpacking trip)