Hoicmoic 1080P Wall Charger Spy Cam

Hoicmoic 1080P Wall Charger Spy Cam

That reminds me, I have to have the “Everything is a spycam” talk with the kids.


I do not see this as a sale:

  1. I see a cheaper and very similar pricing on eBay
  2. It ships faster to my location via eBay.

I do not see the value-add sales wise given the current economic climate.

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Jeff Bezos needs more money so just buy it here.

FYI, I can’t seem to get this thing to do the advertised motion recording.

Although not stated in the manual, I was able to find that the “A1” in the “settime.txt” file has to be changed to “B1” for motion recording - found this in an amazon review from a clone product. However, this device will not hold that (or the time) setting. Every time I plug it into my computer the settime.txt file reverts and it’s back to loop recording. I need it to stay on motion recording.

Unless this can be figured out, I will probably be returning this. Without motion detection, it will only store about 8 hour of footage at 1080p which isn’t enough to see what happened while I was gone for a single work day.

Update: The camera will also corrupt the most recent file if it is currently recording when unplugged. The manual says, “When unplug the red light will be off after flashing 3 times, which means it stopping to record and saving the video files.” I take that to mean that once unplugged, the red light will flash 3 times to show it is ending recording and saving the last file. Mine does not do that and instead corrupts the last file. The battery or capacitor inside the this thing is probably bad. Meaning, every time I uplug it, I am hard shutting it down too. So it’s probably only a matter of time before it corrupts completely.

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Hi there. We asked the vendor. Below is what he sent. I think it’s mostly the same as what you’ve already tried except the reference to the TAG file.

The camera has two modes (motion detection and continuous) of recording. Basically, motion

detection mode would provide more time span for recording, which is recording when there is a


There is no switch hardware with the device to change between the two modes. Below is how to

adjust it when connecting to computer.

  1. connect the camera to a computer using a USB cable included in the package.
  2. find the removable disc and open it.
  3. Open “”TAG“ file. As shown on the pictures, at the end of the file, there is a value “A1” or “B1”.
    A1 represents continuous recording mode and B1 represents motion detection recording mode.

User can change the value and save.

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Thanks for responding. Yup that tracks with what I am doing. I open the file, change “A1” to “B1” and save it. I have even reopened the file (before unplugging it) to verify the change has saved. However, after use, the file will revert back to “A1”. I cannot for the life of me get it to stay on “B1”. I am an electrical engineer and did a bit of troubleshooting. I believe the battery in the device is bad. It has a little battery in it that charges while being used. The battery allows the device to do a soft shutdown when unplugged from the wall. This is how it does the last bit of writing for video files after unplugged. When I unplug mine, it is unable to write the last bit of video and corrupts the file. It also seems to do a hard reset as the config file is completely wiped and rewritten - erasing the A1/B1 setting as well as the time settings (this is probably the behavior it would do if a brand new micro SD card was inserted for the first time).

Unfortunately, this makes the device unusable. I will be requesting a replacement if possible or a refund if not.


On careful review of your message, it’s clear to me you only said that because it’s 100% true.

This thing would have to spend a week in the oven to even approach “half-baked”. On the bright side, if I had a use for SD cards, I could repurpose those that came in the package.