Holes developing in shirts

First let me say that i love woot and have been buying shirts for almost a decade. Back in February, i decided to buy replacement shirts of prints that no longer fit. 2 of the shirts were brown. One of them developed holes in the right side after 6 months. Even though it was past 90 days, the shirt was replaced. Now the second shirt (different print originally bought in feb) has also developed holes the the same places. i remember being told back in February when my shirts showed up and the colors were off that they had changed shirt vendors. I dont know if I can continue buying shirts if they are just develop holes 6 months later. I saw one other person with this complaint. Does anyone know if woot has addressed this issue? Did we lose quality when AMAZON bought woot?

You’re not wearing them as pants are you? We used to have a tag that explained you couldn’t do that, but they got expensive.

Seriously though, we are diving into this to see if your is an isolated issue or a quality failure from our supplier. We have actually upgraded the quality of our shirts and yours is the first comment with this issue that I have seen, so if this turns out to not be a fluke incident, we will be bringing it up with our supplier.

Glad you got replacements!

In case it turns out you are in fact wearing them wrong, I’ve included a photo of Ryan Reynolds wearing a t-shirt to help illustrate the correct way to wear a t-shirt:


And just for kicks, here’s a picture of Ryan Reynolds demonstrating the wrong way to wear a t-shirt.


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1 shirt was replaced but the other shirt was not. A quick search on your website brought up another post of someone with the same problem who also purchased in February.

For reference, there is no wrong way for Ryan Reynolds to wear a shirt, even if as pants.


You are so right. There is no wrong way for Ryan Reynolds to wear a shirt.

And yes we did see that post and we have been monitoring since then. It is a difficult one in regards to returns once that much time has passed, since we don’t know if someone has washed it an excessive amount, followed the washing instructions or let their pet Rottweiler sleep on a pile of shirts and use them as toys. I am not suggesting any of those things happened to your shirts…just illustrating how an excessively generous return policy could snowball…

With that being said our customer service team are a big bunch of softies so if you haven’t already reached out to them, which shirt didn’t get replaced? Also if you still have the shirts and could shoot me some pics that’d be helpful in feeding back this info to our supplier! If you don’t no biggie, but know that we are chasing this down.

Thank you for sharing here though, because the tight time frame could suggest a couple bad apples in a bunch and makes it easier to track down.

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The wrong way for Ryan Reynolds to wear a shirt is for him to wear a shirt… :grin:


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Both are brown shirts bought at the same time. “Wizard of Aws” was replaced but “Acquired Taste” has not. I bought several shirts in February but its only these 2 brown shirts that have the holes. Maybe a bad batch?

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Thanks for the info!

The replacement shirt showed up today. Thank you. Hope these last longer.

Well that’s your problem right there! The brown ones are extra crappy! :poop: