Holiday Light Show Laser Projector, Motion

I bought this last time, and on one the green doesn’t work. it lights up but doesn’t project. Hoping the other one works, i’ll try it tonite…

Not sure if these laser projectors are all the same or not. My worked great last season then the green burnt out on the second day of this season and the red no longer blinks. No way to repair. They are cool but don’t appear to last that long.

I bought three of these and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. I will never buy them again especially on-line. I am very disappointed in this purchase.

Bought one of these last time. It works when it wants to now. The light sensor is so sensitive that other Christmas lights cause it to not turn on. If you want the motion on, you have to hit a switch…every time, it will not stay on motion. I would never buy one of these again.

Yes, same with mine. I run my off a timer outlet and it defaults back to being static every time it comes back on. Snow and rain also cause the light sensor to cycle it on and off as well. I too would have skipped knowing this.

You have to walk out every night to hit the motion switch. I will be returning.

Bought this during the last Woot-Off…wouldn’t buy again. Didn’t have the multiple mounting options, and as stated by others, the whole unit resets when powered off/on. The one I got only has one motion mode. I’d love to use the motion, but even putting my hand by the button shuts the system off due to the light sensor, which then resets…very aggravating. I’m going to try to cover the light sensor and see if I can at least get something working. Friend purchased a similar unit at WalMart for same price, yet has many more features…recommend you pass on this one…

I got mine setup on Sunday night (bought them from here back in Oct I think. They shine off into the trees. OMG it looks sah-weet! So much better than I envisioned in my head (love when that happens - I feel much smarter than I really am when that happens). I mean I thought it would look good, but these things light up the trees in my back yard and the neighbors back yard, and it looks ah-mazing!

I secured them to my fence posts with zip ties and have them pointed out. It was daylight then, so I had to wait until it got dark. When I looked out the window to check on them i was blown away at how cool it looked.

The only thing I have to fix is that they shine down on the street about 40 feet away. I took my dog for a walk to see if we where potentially blinding drivers or people walking. Well they are definitely visible form there as my dog was chasing the lights as they moved (she loves to chase laser pointers). I am going to cut a solo cup in half and cut the bottom out then secure it to the bottom half of the projector to prevent the light from going down to the street.

Yeah, the motion thingy is kinda tough, but easy enough to deal with, plus if I pause it at the right moment I get the right color and patterns, that no motion is fine.

From my experience with the one I bought from a previous Woot deal, here’s what I can tell you:

The instructions specifically state that, if you put this thing in “motion” mode, and you plug it into a timer, it might not be in motion mode when it comes back on. They say that if you want motion, you should not use a timer, and instead rely on the day/night sensor built into the thing. I’ve been letting the light sensor take care of things, and have had no problems with it not being in motion mode when it turns back on.

That said, the instructions also tell you not to run it for more than 8 hours or so at a time. This is pretty stupid, considering that people are going to want to use this thing during the winter holidays, which happens to occur during winter, which happens to be when we get maybe 8 hours of daylight per day. If you let this thing run based on its built-in day/night sensor instead of a timer during the holidays, it’s going to run for 16 hours, easily.

Performance seems to be dependent on temperature. The manual clearly states that the lasers aren’t at full brightness when it first turns on, and that it takes them some time to warm up. My experience has been that colder temperatures inhibit the device. When it’s 60 degrees outside, the lasers are bright and it looks amazing. Once it gets down below 40 degrees or so, the green laser gets pretty dim, to the point where you’d think that it wasn’t even on.

Finally, the power cord is maybe a foot long, and terminates in a wall-wart type plug. You’re going to need to get an extension cord and a sufficiently large Dri-box if you want to plug this in outdoors.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with this thing for the price. It’s got its drawbacks, clearly, but it takes all of five minutes to set up, doesn’t require me to get out my ladder, and costs a fraction of what some of the other devices like it cost. Seriously, at this price, I could use and throw away one of these every year for the next ten years, and still not have paid as much as I’d pay for some of the competing products.

I bought one of these in September. Plugged it in at the time to make sure it worked, it did. I set it up on Nov. 29 and it worked great for 5 hours an evening for three days and then the red light quit. I emailed the company. No reply yet.

I agree hitting the switch to turn on the movement is awful!!! I didn’t realize or I wouldn’t have bought it.

Mine just arrived. I ordered two. One had no green; the other had no red. I won’t be reordering–I’ll just get my money back. Garbage.

Avoid this product. I bought one and I’m currently experiencing all the issues stated by others in the community. I just emailed Woot to get a return process started.