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Hello WOOT community. I am Arin with Pinnacle Speakers, TEAM LEADER consumer division. Pinnacle is a family owned and operated USA based company, established in 1976. That’s 38 years and nearly 4 decades. We are the oldest independently owned and operated USA based speaker company with the longest running management team in the industry. We are famous in the Speaker and consumer electronics industry and known specifically for superior performance, innovative engineering and old fashioned, personal service. STEREOPHILE MAGAZINE’S PETER MITCHELLE said our product was “SHOCKINGLY GOOD FOR THE MONEY”. That was a $700 pair of superb full size bookshelf speakers. Stereo Vision (formerly Stereo Review Magazine) said, “Pinnacle’s model sounds almost as good as our reference Speakers costing twenty times as much”. They were comparing a tiny shelf speaker @ $149 to their studio reference Speakers of $3,000. We do it time and again!! We make amazing products and have sold millions of speakers. We have products ranging from “BUDGET AUDIOPHILE” to TRUE AUDIOPHILE up to $8,000. We offer these exclusive and honestly ridiculous “no brainer” deals to WOOT as an exclusive buy it now, snooze or lose opportunity.

I will be here monitoring the forum to assist in answering any and all questions regarding our products. I have been with Pinnacle for 10 years and I will proudly tell you,we make terrific products. I am quite knowledgeable about our products and speakers in general, but if something is technically beyond me, I have access to one of our audio engineers for the highly technical questions. There is no such thing as a “DUMB” question. These are complicated decisions. So, if you have a question, please ask. Chances are your question will also help many other Woot forum people.

I am a specialist in Pinnacle, although I cannot speak for other companies’ products, I can try to assist in building a system with our products and some existing items you may already own.

Thanks for your participation in this forum


The Samsung BD-FM59C Bluray player is $5 less on the mother site. Any chance of a price adjustment?

Common you can do better than pulling quotes from 1988 (Stereo Review) and 1990 (Stereophile).

Hell, Sound & Vision gave you guys a great review for your BDII speakers earlier this year.

Good idea, we will add new quotes too. We’ve been around a long long time.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Any chance of any more of the Vizio 32" soundbars? They have showed out of stock since the sale started.

I purchased Boston Acoustics TVee 26 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer back in February. It was only $99.99 then.
What happened that the price is up $30 bucks ?
I have been enjoying it and think it’s a nice set up for my 32" – actually more power then I need for the small room I have it in.
It’s also hard to find a bar that size. Not only do I like the sound it fits perfectly !
But $30 more since February ???

To note : it currently sells for $249 new on Amazon.

I’ve been kicking myself that I didn’t get the Pinnacle MB11500+ set a few months back and now I haven’t seen it through several Pinnacle sales. Is it discontinued? What would be the closest pieces to it that are sold individually?

I haven’t posted on one of these sales for a while so I will just say my usual comments. Arin is great and you will not find any better product support anyplace. She is a huge asset to Pinnacle. About their speakers they are excellent quality at these selling prices. I am a big fan of the BD500 bookshelf speakers, especially when used with a good subwoofer(s). I am quite convinced that for a large room you need two subwoofers, not one. The PS Sub 225 is a decent product for such a low price. The more expensive Pinnacle subwoofers are better of course. About soundbars, just think of them as decent speakers for your TV. They aren’t a home theater. They just give you the sound your TV should have had out of the box. I am not a big fan of soundbars, although they are certainly better than the little junk speakers that come in TVs now.

I just purchased a new receiver to build a home theater system. Can anyone tell me what specs I need to look at to when purchasing a subwoofer and speakers to hook up to it?

I keep looking for it to be offered again on WOOT!

Hi and thanks for your interest in our great products. MB 11500+ is not discontinued, but we can only occasionaly offer that item for WOOT special promos. But, in this sale there are components sold sparately that are quite close sonically.

FRONT: 1 pair SFITLCR 250
REAR: 1 pair SfitLCR 250
CENTER : 1 SFITLCR 250 (split the pair use 1 for this system, have 1 extra for other TV.

WOOT PROM COST: $384…BD 11500+ are piano lacquer finish and the above are not. But acoustically, you would have quite a comparable set up and 1 extra SFITLCR 250 for other use




The above is acoustically equal to the 1st system with less cabinets due to the SPEAKERBAR>

I know all these products. I am certain either of the above combinations will be acoustically comparable to MB 11500+ but not with the BLACK LACQUER finish

I hope this assists.


Hi, Arin with Pinnacle speakers. Thanks for the question, one many people have. The Powered Subwoofer has it’s own specs that are not related to the receiver you have. With the exception of the receiver crossover options for a powered subwoofer, though that is fairly consistant.

So, the subwoofer selection is first based on room size and your listening needs. Large rooms with high ceilings will need LOUDER subwoofer. Loudness or volume the sub can play is measured with SPL.
So, for large rooms or loud volume preferences you should look at subwoofer MAXIMUM SPL spec. Over 108 is quite loud. In our line-up, model PSSUB 225 is designed for alreger rooms and the vented design makes for a louder SPL. So, from Pinnacle, model PSSUB 225 is a great choice for a larger room (more than 300 square’, or a preference for louder bass.

As to the other speakers. That is related to listening preferences, room size, locations in the room you have physcial space for speakers…Small format or larger. As to receiver specs, any quality audio receiver with 50 Watts RMS/Channel and low THD (less than 0.09% (lower the better) would do well with most speakers in most rooms. If you have specific speaker requirements such as music listening, mostly movies, large room, small room, want tower designs, or small, etc. I would be happy to assist you with selections from Pinnacle. If we can meet your needs I will make recommendations for you.



I have some older infinity speakers that I’m going to be using for now. I will be building this theater system in my basement. What is the difference between Sonic 500, baby boomer, sub sonic, and ps sub 225 subwoofers? I will be interchanging with music and movies with the speakers.

Hi Arin,

I recently purchased a Baby Boomer (600W), 2 SFIT 1050 and a BD300 center. I’m looking for 2 rear speakers and was looking at the BD500 bookshelf speakers. Would that be a great fit or do you have other recommendations?

Do you also have a recommendation for a receiver?



Hi and thanks for the follow up information and questions. Well, the differences are significant between these 4 powered subwoofers, so I will break it down for you.

BABY BOOMER and SUBSONIC are dual driver (both active) 8" and 6" small footprint subs designed to be superior for music and accuracy particularly with a small speaker (bookshelf or satellite) or tower speakers with smaller woofers. They excel in rooms 200-300 square’

Models PSSUB 225 and SUPERSONIC use larger 12" woofers. PSSUB 225 is a single woofer in a ported design and works best in larger rooms (basement is ideal) or where you have a larger front speaker woofer such as 8" and larger.

SUPERSONIC is our top of the line using 2 (dual) super heavy duty 12" woofers arranged in an isobarik (push pull) configuration. So, we scrunch 2 large woofers in 1 compact 15" cube cabinet. All our dual woofer designs are created to give exceptional accurate and deep bass in small footprint. That is the magic behind using 2 woofers in 1 enclosure.

Supersonic is a very serious product and should be used with floor standing speakers or very high quality shelf speakers. So, if the Infinity product you own is in the upper end of their line-up (maybe the GAMMA?) than Supersonic is excellent mate. The rest of this comes down to your budget.

From what you said, I am thinking 2 PSSUB 225 is a good choice for a basement and more economical than 1 SUPERSONIC. If music is your passion, and your Infinity is at the higher end of their line up, than SUPERSONIC is my suggestion.

Absent that, considering the basement, I would opt for 2 12" subs and @ $129.99 nothing can come close to our PSSUB 225.

Finally, SONIC 500 uses a single woofer of the SUPERSONIC quality, yet I still suggest 2 PSSUB 225 in your situation.

I hope this helps out,


Hi Mike,

I think you have a couple excellent choices. BD 500 is one of them, but considering it is for rear channel I think you can save some money and go with SFITMON 450 PAtented 2014 edition. So, considering your current mix, I would suggest SFITMON 450 for the rear. They have considerable bass on their own, not quite as much as BD 500, but in the rear, I am certain they are an excellent choice and $80 less.



I’m not currently in the market to retrofit my home theater system (I’m pretty happy with my current set up) but this kind of service and the quality of the testimonials I see from fellow wooters makes me at least consider stepping into the Pinnacle family a little bit at a time. I’m very impressed with the fact that Arin is always here to answer questions for the woot! community. I’m also impressed that Arin consistently gives suggestions, as above. Not only was a suggestion given, but a recommendation that more is not necessary or better. Kudos to Arin and please keep up the good work. Even for those of us who aren’t in the market for new speakers, your dedication to your product and willingness to engage with the community is greatly appreciated.

Hi Arin,

Was interested in the HT200 system for my 52" Samsung TV in my 15’X15’ living room. Have not seen any information as to how much weight this unit can support. Also, can you clarify what is the power of the amplifier as I’m not sure if this system will work well in the living room or whether I need to go to a separate amp and a 5.1/7.1 speaker system.

Appreciate any input you can give.

Thanks for the help. I’m sort of leaning towards the Baby Boomer or the Sonic 500. I found my old pair of Infinity’s and they have 1 inch silk tweeters and 6 1/2 inch woofers.

Technical Details
Frequency Responses 40 Hz - 20 kHz
Impedance 8 ohm
Sensitivity 89 dB

Would those be good with a new subwoofer? Or can you give me some suggestions on new bookshelf and a center speaker?